Clabtrap 2k12 Hype Track

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props to BigRed & Team-Dix

Mickey Mao on the intro/outro

literature (explicit):
yeah mother fucker rezzy tip
They want to kiss your fucking ass to be your fucking friend
To get your fucking vote everybodys fuckin in the end
But not this time, its not about popularity its about the rhyme
So drop 50 bucks for some clarity get ready to fight
Rezzy tip fuckin a bitch up im the definition of hype
Step back son lemme show you how its done
According to bigred and the public mickeymao won?
But the registered voters went for me
By my count I got 2 out of 3
Thats a victory but I guess I aint stressin
Mickeys aiight he dont need taught a lesson
Like soundgoodizer, my blowjob supplier
Are you serious with that track? youre just a fuckin liar
Say you slang fat rhymes and you come from the streets
Tell the fuckin truth sounds better on the beats
Fat beats rah punch ins are cool
But stop the sound effects you dont need pro tools
Gasmasq dont like it when I rap fast on that ass
I laugh back strike a match and let my gat blast
Like im mc og, but mama told me
Dont join the army unless your grades in school are under d
Rav, back to retirements where youre gonna be
Nobody wants to hear another slim shady wanna-be
Byron, you wanna learn how to rap fast?
Sit down son ill teach the fuckin class
Gotta be intricate if you wanna kill the shit
Rippin it up and tearin a bitch
Rubbin the beat, waxin it so hard that im about to skeet
Wyze attackin rappers that arent battling
I fucked your bitch in my back seat while your track was rattlin
Through my speakers, she left her fuckin sneakers
I sold em off for some meth cause im a fuckin tweaker
Like killbill, good fuckin name g wanna hear some irony?
Your rhymes are fuckin weak like lil b
He is alive will soon be dead
Blest is what I am, Ill cut off your fucking head
Then you can talk to yourself in third person
be honest tell yourself that youre the fuckin worst and
scorchpoknee not even worth a bar
talk backwards? Nikcuf toggaf kcus ym kcid war
rampant the british Jamie madrox
teeth are fucked up from smoking too many crackrocks
sorry, that was a cheap shot
let me rewind my verse bring it back to the top
wait dont pitch newgrounds really hates that sound
knockin out every mc out aint even first round
teqneek comin through dissin gas mao and bummercity town
let me smell another oxy show you how I lay it down
get it down on the floor, like your bitch and your mom when I had em on my pole
get em sore pussy tore dunkin the dick all night
come in and give into the fight bringin the problem to the light
estatic, I run circles on you like a loop
or a fucking hula hoop falling down around you
clabtrap, just got bitch slapped
and I pissed everyone off so I guess I cant win that

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Haaa, nice punches man, but I was really expecting more lines bashin' me. Good luck, man


RezzyTip responds:

each person only got a couple bars! haha good luck man

Dammit, beat roxx, I just wish it wasn't mixed so badly that I couldn't pay attention to the damn lyrics. So then I read the words...umm...what?

RezzyTip responds:

the words are called "disses"

5 seconds of research and you'll get every joke stated

;) see you in the ring

Ahem, point of fact: I got good grades. Other than that pretty decent. Looks like you got a lot of haters on here. Should be an interesting competition. Be gentle! It's my first one . . .

RezzyTip responds:

I gave you a halfway shout-out "let my gats blast like im mc og" before dissing you haha.

respect for doin it out of afghanistan - and yeah, measure success by the haters you have. some Katt Williams philosophy.

good luck OG

Not bad man. Im glad I finally got a shout out lol.
Good luck in the battles this time around, I am witnessing you r improvement since the last battle you had. All though, I hope I get to destroy you bro :D

RezzyTip responds:

haha so then you get the pitch track joke on myself. see you in the ring/brackets/whatever.

good luck son


I liked it! Much better without the pitch :D Good luck in the comp bro!

RezzyTip responds:

lets get down to bidness meow

pitchin is bitchin. maoism 101

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Feb 19, 2012
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