Life, Obstinato - skyood

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I'm actually proud of this one, although there's probably still some tweaking that could happen. I would very, very greatly appreciate any feedback that I can use.

Edit to say: I was excited to post this ... it's probably still rough in the mastering, etc. Again, your input in this regard is appreciated.


I feel like this song could be more romantic with bongos instead of drums, the drums you have here kills the mood :(

skyood responds:

While I think I know what you mean, I feel like bongos wouldn't create a change of intensity, which would basically totally change the song. This different song wouldn't necessarily be bad, but it wouldn't be this one ... and this is the one I wrote. :)

If you're looking for something in particular and having trouble finding it, maybe I can try to work something up for you from scratch. :D

Hi skyood

From the beginning, the strings bring about an atmosphere of cool calmness, and the meanderings of a thoughtful piano. The background is very soothing, almost comforting. The dynamics are handled very well, I can feel it in my bones. When the drums come in the textures may not be at the right levels, but the overall composition is appealing.

Your skill in composition is fantastically good. The fluidity of the parts is amazing, and you flow from soft to loud with ease. The rough patch in the middle is fine, because it still sounds great. My instinctive guess is that you are a very good composer, but if you learnt a bit more about mixing, you'd be *fantastic*, professional level.

It's emotional, it grasps me by the heart and fails to let go until the last note. You have poured emotion into the strings, which I feel are the saving grace of this piece. It feels like the music is a deeper metaphor for an inner revealing of self, finding strength to carry on. Encouraging.

In some circles, it could be seen as overly sentimental, as in the soundtrack to a Whitney Houston romance, but you handle it with such finesse that it is bearable. In the right circumstances, even kitsch can be art.

I like your statement. It's an uplifting motif, it speaks to me, it moves me. I like this.


skyood responds:

Yeah, I spend probably put about 25% of the time and effort into mixing than I do into the actual writing of the song. This one even less so because I was so stoked about the feel of it I wanted to rush it out and get some feedback. The drums are particularly problematic for sure.

As for more metaphoric type things ... the reason it's called "Life, Ostinato" (oops, I'll have to go back and edit the title as I misspelled ostinato not obstinato. Doh) is because it's supposed to the kind of constant, moving along that life takes us on. Sometimes the steady pulse crescendos into true beauty ...

Back to reality, based on the little feedback I've gotten here, I'll definitely be spending time (when I have more. Yeay midterms!) mixing and perfecting it. Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated.

Stereo separation and balance are very good at the beginning. As it develops, the left hand (most of the left channel, really) gets drowned out. Drums aren't too loud when they lead in the crescendo, everything else seems slow to match them.

That not withstanding, this is a very nice number - the right balance of peaceful contemplation and positive energy to make it more interesting than background music.

Nicely done!

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skyood responds:

By slow to match the drums, you mean match in volume (the left channel? All of it?)?

It was (and will be if/as I work on it further) a challenge to get the big increase in feel/"thickness" that I wanted without making it muddy. Now, after a listen or two away from my keyboard, I definitely need to work on that. Plus frankly, I need to make it longer.

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