Clabtrap Hype Track 2012

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I wasnt going to make a hype track, but decided " what the hell, why not?"
Done in one take, yes there are some mess ups, deal with it, this is not a real track lol.

Get ready for the battles :D

For more info, visit here...

p.s. I made the beat, its super simple lol.


Ill make a mess, decapitate the noblesse flesh of a princess in her favorite addressing dress cuz Blest is...
An abstract extractor, ill shred you like a tractor, im blowing up like a Fukashima nuclear reactor
The fact son, my actions are just a fraction when my attacks run from my lungs. these MC are fucking done
I do this shit for fun, im pulling on your tongue as I stapple both of your gums shut and silence all of your shitty puns

I burried Aries who barely carried an avid arid carriage. Dare me, ill impair it, Im the type to never spare shit
Dont even begin to pretend im not as sick as ten eminems fighting to death in a trash can over the last half of a soboxine
The oxygen that I release is fucking toxin, I could seperate conjoined twins with a bobby pin in under a second
When I astound a crowd, they bow, cuz I disembowel vowels, every other MC might as well throw in their whittest towel

: END :

Ill be seeing one of you all shortly :D

If enough people would like me to do another one, I might.
But I have been super lazy lately lol.

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Lyrics are pretty freakin sound but things are at the stage right now where once someone's heard you rap one line, they can tell exactly how you're going to rap ALL of your lines. Your flow's pretty far from dynamic. If anything's going to let you down in the battles, its gonna be your flow, broski.

Best of luck in the upcoming battles.

HeIsAlive responds:

No matter the flow, someone will hate on it lol. Ive learned to ignore them.
Im personally experimenting with different styles, my last battle I tried to do the fast paced raping.
Im still trying to pick between a few ideas for what I will attempt to go with this time around.
Practice, practice, practice.

Thanks. You too.

That's cute, except you don't release oxygen. You inhale oxygen, and it is used during the Krebs Cycle (Citric Acid Cycle) to create tricarboxylic acid which is then used to create energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The byproducts of the Krebs Cycle are water and carbon dioxide. Therefore, the CO2 that you release is toxic -- which is a no-brainer, because people can't breathe carbon dioxide.

Next time, do your biology homework.

HeIsAlive responds:

I was not talking about exhaling oxygen man. Learn to read in between the lines bud, then get back at me, lol. Idiot.

Release and exhale are two different words, I would have used exhale is I was specifically trying to get that notion across.

From dictionary.com
4 ) Law . to give up, relinquish, or surrender (a right, claim, etc.).

I hope I get you in the first round. Easy win lol.

What HDC said.

\/ Phuck u 2, HDC \/

HeIsAlive responds:


Jammin! I like the one take/Idgf vibe you got in this. I would've like to see a Mao diss in there but oh well... Oh ya, dope lyrics :P

HeIsAlive responds:

Thanks bud, I was more or less just messing around.
Not really trying, just wanted in on the battles, thats all.

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Feb 17, 2012
5:54 PM EST
Hip Hop - Olskool
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