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A month and a half later into production, I've finally completed what I consider my best work to date.

I've spent countless all-nighters on it, bought over 200$ in equipment, and burned my eyes more than I'd have like staring the screen in front of which I'm currently writing this, but in the end I couldn't think it wasn't worth it.

I've learned so much from this experience, that even IF I don't rank among the top 8, this whole experience will have more than compensated.

I can't thank BrokenDeck and the rest of the crew enough for making such a competition, but I'd most of all like to thank SuperSteph54 for the immeasurable support he's given me throughout the project, and the help he's given me. For the passed week now, he's been giving ALL of his free time to re-render my song in East-West to help my song attain it's best resolution. Hat off to you, Steph, you've grown ever higher in my esteem.

Now that THAT's out of the way, here's a short description of the actual song.

I originally wrote the main melody (0:58) as a piano solo, but when the MAC post came along in January, I knew this piece'd be suiting as an orchestral song. I immediately started what I didn't know back then would be the biggest, most ambitious project I ever started.

In any case, I brought myself to buying a microphone and a sound card to record the trumpet part for the world to hear my terribly off pitch playing. Keep in mind I've never done this before, so really I'm surprised it turned out so good.

In any case, I could write forever about the painstaking adventures that went into the process of writing this piece for much longer, but I feel I've said enough for now. Just enjoy the song and let me know what you guys think!

Gear used (Oh boy...) :
- Sibelius 1.4 (Composition and Editing)
- Reason 5 (Composition, Original Mixing and Sequencing)
- FL Studio (Mixing and Sequencing)
- EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Silver (Sequencing)
- Cubase LE 5 (Recording, Processing and Editing)
- Vincent Bach Stradivarius model 37 Trumpet (Recorded)
- Sennheiser Evolution e835 Microphone (Recording)
- TASCAM US-122 MKII External Sound Card (Processing)

Samuel Hébert

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Good track

You have a good track here it was interesting, and sometimes it felt differant, Im not good on judging audio stuff, but i must say that this was still alright now that doesnt say that it cant be improved, but thats more for later. And here we are at the end of this review, and what i do have to say is this was an impressive entry you have, allthough i wouldnt seeing more of this on a bigger front but i suppose thats for another time, anyways good piece here. This was cool, it was kind of like a "BATTLE" scene and you have presented that very well a good tone and good sound here, I really like the "HARP" sounds you have in here, it really made for a something unique you should actually add more of the harp in this track, and the same would go for the "FLUTE" So anyways goodtune here could be used for alot of differant situations in movies and games, but overall this was pretty good.

And for improvments its always hard to judge on stuff from the audio portal but i guess that withsome slight changes anything can be better so ill post up a few ideas unless its totally not in your interest, but besides that here you go. So some ideas i was throwing around that could use some focus like, more use of the harp and flute to give it some depth.

camoshark responds:

Thanks for the review, I'm glad you enjoyed, even though it was a bit hard to follow at times!

A collaboration track on audio? This is simply impressive then! The overall tone seems to be having completed the battle of your life and looking back at all the hardships and battles you fought to get to where you are now as you walk off to your hometown to tell of the slaying of the beast that had taken over the land.

The harp seems to play a light mystical tone to the song as one walks on. The flute sounds just perfected here. Gives that feel of being able to simply relax and play for a bit. The dark bass notes on the piano just seem to act as if they were reminding you of going into dark unknown places to try to figure things out and the harp adds on there as if you were tip toeing around the place and trying to be careful of all traps.

The violins and drums combine for a dynamic effect here as showing there were many blood filled battles in your bath too. The lighthearted tone near the end give a feel of finally getting home and just relaxing at long last no longer having to worry about monsters or demons ruling the land.

Overall, great song, would make for either excellent montage of memories or credit music either way or even adventure music. Excellent music collaboration here.

Review Request Club

camoshark responds:

Hi SCTE3, glad you took the time to write this!

The image you describe reflexes exactly the thought I had in mind, glad we're on the same page here!

Again, glad you took the time to write this, happy you liked it!

Samuel Hébert

Ah yeah!!!

after all this work...the final result sure is worth it...

it's fucking epic man...

i have nothing to say excepted that some of the trumpets parts sounded weird...
from the other end of the appartment...now I know why...

also I'm pissed for not being credited on this piece....
I helped with title, image, and found your microphone on kijiji...

nah, just kidding...tough I want to say supersteph did on hell of a job here...

so yeah, cheers man...

you've deserved it...

peace jiimaan

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Feb 15, 2012
10:14 PM EST
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