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You are the Prophecy!

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Hello friends!

This is my entry for the MAC JAN/FEB contest, which can be found here:
http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/1287745

JBI - You are the Prophecy!
Composed by Jonas b. Ingebretsen

Thanks for listening!

I was actually not going to enter this contest because I didn't have any Studio monitors(speakers) or subwoofer and I managed to break BOTH of my soundcards haha (Highfive me!). Anyways I was so lucky to get all my equipment today :D

I quickly installed every component and calibrated it. I'ma be honest with you all, I have never... owned a real pair of decent speakers so going from hearing my music through a gaming headset with a defect backup soundcard to these powerful studio monitors and subwoofer is like a dream.

This piece took me 13 hour to complete, 40 instruments, 20 ERROR messages, 4 random sutdowns and 1 bluescreen of d00m. I have worked non-stop from when I woke up til now. I deserve a bed... :')

For those extra few who loves to know more! :D

Studio monitors: Rokit 8 G2
Subwoofer: KRK 10s
Headset: Qpad 1339
Soundcard: M-AUDIO Audiophile 2496

DAW: FL Studio 10 prod. edition
Midi Keyboard: Yamaha E413
Library Banks used:
- East West QL Symphonic Choirs
- East West QL Symphonic Orchestra
- East West QL Stormdrum 2
- Audiobro LA Scoring Strings
- Sympfobia 2
- Cinesamples CINEBRASS

I hope you enjoyed this soundtrack!
Again, thank you for listening.


I agree with the below about the melody being a bit cliche, but the production quality is so good here (as with most of your songs) that it more than makes up for that.

Funny to hear that you just got a decent set of speakers - shows that you really don't need so much equipment to produce sometimes, just to consume.

Enjoyed the listen - thanks for sharing.

reel2 responds:

You don't really need much fancy equip. But It can help you fine tune and prepare a mix/song properly for all mediums such as cinema, tv, phones, etc. My latest track "My Dear friend.." was made with using only my headphones.. My speaker-cables crashed and burned you see :D

Great piece here... sorry I don't have time to give a big review... I might delete this and replace it later with a full constructive-critique pile.

One thing I noticed was that you did a good job with having a strong melody, although it was rather cliche.

There isn't much of an ending here, consider some downward motion into a final calm closing... not sure if you have heard the opening to Wagner's Rhinegold, but imagine that motion turned around and greatly abbreviated so it fades away into nothingness. Alternately, some very broad hits of the same style as the cello marcato bits in the 1:20-1:40 area) over the orchestra in unison could work. Otherwise, you leave it at a cliff.

The tune seems rather cliche, but you did an amazing job mastering and preparing this (my only note is that some instruments seem to come from the wrong direction when compared to a traditional symphonic setup... brass on the left? violins on the right?... it's a minor detail, and may just be my crummy speakers), I think that makes up for whatever stylistic differences. One of my favorite things is when people actually try to make things sound real... and you did a good job here (I thought the concert "warmup" was a great idea).

Keep up the good work!

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Feb 15, 2012
3:14 PM EST
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