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Hype for the CLABTRAP/Newgrounds HipHop Competition.

Beat by Rama: team-dix.newgrounds.com
Big Red has the news on the comp: bigred.newgrounds.com

Lyrics for all those Americans who can't seem to understand the British accent:

I dont wanna be another part of your society
Just leave me alone
'Cause I will never fit the mould
I'm sick of all your lessons and your empty warnings
This is your last chance cause I'll be dead by morning
If they tell you that your art's the blandest
Slap the bastards
Tell 'em where the fuck to go and which way is fastest
So fuckin' big they call me the Rockzilla
You're tryin' to battle but you're doing is rappin' vanilla
I'm on a mission
And that missions condition
Is dependant on the rate that I'm firin' off ammunition
And if you fishin' for compliments
Then you'll be leavin' wishin'
'Cause I'll never tell you what you wanna hear
Now listen...
The Beats got keys and leads to mean streets
These motherfuckers frontin' and gettin' some steel treats
If you won't change your face
I'll change it for you
I'd leave but I forgot to place a blue portal
Accept the fact that you're mortal
One day you'll be blasted like a Water Cannon from a Wartortle
I'm sittin' here drunk and fucked up
Writin' this song for the punks and rough thugs
Keep doin' what your doin' and fuck the authorities
If you're fake, not real your existence bothers me
This whiskey's droppin' me
Shock plates to your heart
Fuckin' with the Beats you gettin' riddled with scars
I ain't gonna kill you
I'll just leave your whole crew bruised
I'm a bad influence
The cause of suicidal youth
I'm up at six a.m. and I'm drunk and I'm stoned
But I'm still rappin' better than your moccasin flows
You better strengthen your bones
Or you'll be rapidly cold
When The Beats throws fists it'll flatten your nose
I ain't part of a crew
I'm a lone wolf
Sayin' sooth
Dodgin' truth
Blaggin' youth
Grab a monkey wrench and smash it in your face you lose a tooth
I ain't callin' out anyone specifically
But if you're put against me it's an automatic effigy
And you're basically just boostin' all my CLABTRAP stats for free

I don't usually like to just spit hype tracks
But sometimes I'll do it so you don't think you can fight back
This is Fat Beats
The motherfuckin' Beast King
If you knock me out before I tear your head off
Then you win
Lyrical anomaly, light void, mathematic
Chewin' 'em up, leavin' these rappers psychosomatic
Kneel down, Brick 'em up, your lyrics are tragic
I could even spit rhymes over radio static
This is Newgrounds, bitch
It's the hip-hopapocalypse
I'ma wipe my ass on your teeth
Because you knocked it
Spittin' again to the end of the mile
This whatcha get if you ain't got style
Check Fat Beats, chillin' with a wry smile
Kill it
Put it back on file
Clapped out, or backed out
You'll never achieve it
Victory is outta your reach
So just begin with concedin'
Some shit's about to pop off
If you shook you better drop off
My radar's pickin' you up whether you're wearin' camouflage or not
Fuck the rap game
I ain't gettin' shot for this
Method of expression
Avenue for talkin' shit
Neanderthalic man
With an English accent
Fuck livin' in a cave
I got brick and mortar shingled tent
If you livin' in a glass house
At least pull the curtains closed
We don't need to see you gettin' pissed an' tryn'a slit your throat
I scorched my way through the january and winter brackets
I keep myself warm with this swedish military jacket
I wish this competition was a fist fightin' tournament
Then I'd smash you regardless of your dick ridin' ornaments
Most of these other rappers are checked the fuck out
But I respect the community so Newgrounds, here's another shout


Beat 9/10 Love your work, Rama!
Flow 10/10
Rhythm 9/10
Lyrics 10/10

You got the flow son, I'd say you're the best of the brits and I've listened to all of em now.

Pretty sick. So UK. Wanna hear some more of that grime side you're hintin at.

creative rhymes dude, good luck in March

NogginmenAnimations responds:

Cheers man. You too, see you in the pit!

Dope track bro, good luck in the comp man.

NogginmenAnimations responds:

Why thank you. Good luck to you an' all!

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Feb 14, 2012
11:18 PM EST
Hip Hop - Olskool
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