DJ Babokon: Silver Lining

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This song is like a quick burst of happy. :) Very short, but very nice. Lots of emotion put into this one; they tend to swerve throughout the song. Enjoy!

-DJ Babokon

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This song has a really refreshing feel to it, definitely going on my 10k run playlist (and I bet it will give me a major 'morale' boost! :3)

I loved this! Very good for thinking!

DJ-Babokon responds:

Thanks lol

wow... amazing!

DJ-Babokon responds:


woah, this is great! like the side chaining a lot! the beginning sounds a little bit like another song of yours. what VST's did you use? i heard nexus, but i cant figure out the others.

anyway, 5/5 5/5 great work!

~ DJ Clyme

DJ-Babokon responds:

Thanks bro!
Haha I only used Nexus. I had an expansion pack loaded.

Transitions and melodies at their finest! Man just gotta say again, this was the first time seeing NG's new look as this song was playing and it's just the perfect theme song for NG's website in its entirety you know? Just got this feeling that everything's going to be good on the site because everything's by everyone hah. What I really have to applaud for you in this is that there was NO snares at all! I mean, at least I think 99% of the song had no snares! I probably haven't listened to your most recent songs or two or so, but from what I remember a few months ago, or at least last year-ish, you had snares there to boost your transitions, which is normal yeah, even I do it a lot as you remember. Sure they sometimes had the same rhythm, but I can't blame you; it's basically 1 measure of a snare playing 1 note with different rhythms; there's not much that you can settle on to be different from your last song or other the next guy's song, but to take the snares out completely? That's like unheard of in half of this world of music, and that's a heck of a stepping stone into professional sounding music, which this song clearly exhibits. As you said, swerving emotions. You've got what, sidechains, piano ostinato (repetition) with direction and build generated by trance-inspired arpeggios, the feel of house songs with those long notes (0:23) (sorry if i'm describing house incorrectly; i don't listen to it often), and phasing/flanging or whatever too, and not to mention good reverb on whatever the electronic sounding acoustic instrument is that you got around the one minute mark. And that's just the beginning! In the middle now you take on a more serious side to trance and your roots (i think? 1:25 just sounds a lot like you for some reason), which definitely boosts your uniqueness as DJ-Babokon haha. Then you've got your gates to help spur your song back to the original theme you intro-ed in the beginning, and then high quality strings (jealousy!), and bam your orignal theme is back! This time in half time though, which with the kick playing only every half note, and less activity going on from your instrumental arsenal, now we can hear that you've got like a perfect sounding drum set too, not to mention the rest of the perfect sounding instruments...
Oh and nice harmonic ending ;P.

Hm well overall it's probably the mastering that people like PAY legit money for; I couldn't agree more that you can master your stuff on your own now, I mean well you haven't asked me for mastering help in ages, so you've probably figured out mastering a fair while ago. Your high pass filter effects are in the right places, and differ a little from each other, so it doesn't feel like it's the same effect happening over and over again - good. Yeah... you're picking out the right notes for the right feel too, along with the right rhythm, the right instruments, the right tempo.. .okay you get it, it's right and perfect in every way for this style. I like how you emphasized the clap velocity in the beginning; definitely distracts the listener in the right way as you get your instruments ready to give some ears their well-worthwhile eargasms.

You better reply with more than one word man!
Still, loving the song though; 10/10 (5/5 and 5/5 now I guess) and downloaded ;P

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DJ-Babokon responds:

Thanks. :P

Haha jk. I'm glad you realized that I finally perfected mastering! And I DID use a snare, It's barely audible though. I layered it with the clap to get a fuller sound. :D

I love your awesome lengthy reviews! I read all of it. Basically all I can say now I thanks for noticing every individual part of the song and putting it into text. lol :)

I expect some more music from you!

-DJ Babokon

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