Glitch- Back on the Grind

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I did this song about 4 years ago and since I havent done any new solo stuff recently decided to put this up for the redesign of newgrounds instead. This song really represents my transition from making wack "High School" records and coming into my own as an artist. Since its older my voice is not the same, style is a little different, and lyrical ability is nowhere as good as it is now but its still a cool song overall.


Glitch and Young Belv is back on the Rhyme
HookUpMan and Gp Been ahead of their time
Fright Train and Misthah Grimm aint scared to use their weight
And Lil D and Baby Thizz is still after they cake

Verse 1
When you hear the track its a start of an action flick
Make an impression on the crowd release tracks then get rich
Its all the start of a hustle no struggle a good grind
Its why my mind works ahead ten beats of a rhyme
I was born with this flow no need for metronome
Flood the streets with mixtapes turn my fans in to drones
Build the message into stone forge it into bone
Call you on the phone is anybody home
No little buddy its still hypnotized
Better study "Whose Line" it might help you improvise
Watch the way the charts climb I've hacked into your mind
If you visualize my death I guess its a good sign
Watch the way your soul fold my heart is too cold
The doc said I was insane I was 9 years old
Why in the world would you ever tell that to a childs mother
But it took 4 more years to show my true colors
It was all my other double he got me into trouble
He turned my mind to rubble so I trapped him in a bubble
I'll get rich then try to embezzle
God said let their be light then up popped the devil
It should twist up your mind cause some confusion
But polar opposites keep the world moving
Light becomes dark and dark become light
Right becomes wrong and wrong become right
Im not too bold im the greater of both evils
Who enhances his flows and brings it to the people
I think im getting old I been feeling kind of evil
But you wont hear a wack sequel til marijuana's legal

Glitch and Young Belv is back on the Rhyme
HookUpMan and Gp Been ahead of their time
Fright Train and Misthah Grimm aint scared to use their weight
And Lil D and Baby Thizz is still after they cake

Verse 2
Im ruthless with the beat come through just like a cyclone
Sleep people in the face like apple with they iphone
Price drop price cut its all the same
You the king of your region well its all a name
The rains done changed the water now leaves stains
On blood soaked MC's who think they run the game
Its the underground you doped clown
Whats you name no sound
Hood record not found
Your rap career now drowned
Stop it lock pick it up and drop
Throw it in the bottom of the sea so the kids can knock it
Lets get him a lobotomy cut out his mind
That thinks of the cheesy hooks and the 6th grade rhymes
Its time to grow up yall need to mature
Cause now the good MCs are now obscured
But lets stop with these n***as and get back to me
The worlds favorite rapper making hits like a factory
Ok big whoop I treat you n***as like a bird
Cause yall couldnt comprehend if I showed my true nerd
So continue to smoke herb and just listen to the words
That leave teachers and parents both concerned


4 stars cuz I chkd out your other material and you have improved technically way past this, but you already know that. Gotta leave room so your really hot material can get 5 stars, you know? This is a coming of age song here, kind of where I feel my life is right now, so I felt it a lot.

glitchs2d responds:

Thanks Senator and it really was. I had grown up as an artist so much around that time and I was tired of trying to make music for other people instead of myself.

Damn! The bars are amazing; really diggin the extroverted and conscious bars. Flow is/was dope. Something about the mixing/mastering on the vocs sounds a bit low, vocs could have more presence on the beat possibly... :S funnelly :P Great drop Glitch,

I'm with the dude below me, when's the freshness droppin?

glitchs2d responds:

Thanks Mickey I dont think this was ever really mixed. But new things are going to be coming pretty soon.

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Feb 8, 2012
12:29 AM EST
Hip Hop - Olskool
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