Medicinal (Final)

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[EDIT 2/29/12]: Changed around the mix, made the bass quite a bit heavier and more 'electro', messed with some of the backing instruments a little bit, and added a piano part near the middle section. Let me know what you think with a review or a vote!

Note: Mixed this on my large speakers, but it should still sound pretty good in headphones as well.

Pretty happy with how my first real attempt at house turned out, but I think the mix could use a bit of work, if anything. The form of the song is pretty much done, but I'll keep working on all the sounds when I have the time. Any ratings, downloads, listens, and especially reviews are always awesome. Hope you guys enjoy this, and thanks for stopping by!

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Medic: YA!
*music plays*

Intro: HELLLLL YEEEEEAAAAAH!!! (+1 star)
Beats and tunes: AIIIIIGGGGGGGGHHHH!!! (+1 star)
Instruments: The bast 'o' da bast mun. (+1 star)
Repeating: You did it man, this one keep it fresh ALL the way. (+1 star)
End of song: UH-HUH! Uh-huh...? ...Where'd the song go? (+0.5 stars)

4.5 stars. Aww. And it was doing so well... Why kill the mood with the abrupt end, man? Why?

DJ-Hectic responds:

Yeah, I was incredibly lazy with the ending. I'd fix it, but... well you can probably guess. I may or may not update this, but probably not because school. Thanks for reviewing, and I'm glad you enjoyed the rest of it so much!

Sounds good! If you work on your mixxing a bit more i think it will be exceptional, mabee you could ad some trance plucks with reverb and mabee some filtering and other stuff, add some variation. Also you could try adding little sounds sporadically to spice up the sound! Look Aliaspharow, he is a friend of mine, he is amazing at making house and trance! Mabee you can get some ideas from him! Hope this was helpful! Last of all, keep at this if you love this you will get better, listen to my first song i ever submitted and then to my latest stuff, its a quantom leap, but if you look in the middle there are about 120 tracks of varying but increasing quality!

DJ-Hectic responds:

That's all really helpful, thanks a bunch man! My mixing definitely needs work, and I agree that I'm missing the small details that make a good song into a great one. I'll check out your work as well as your friend's, appreciate the review!!

@AjKjuHiljadu This is so good that I'll hit the favorite button TWICE!!

..no wait, 3 times.

Good Job! ^^

DJ-Hectic responds:

3 times? Man, you must have really liked it! Haha thanks for the review

Love the heavy bass.
Thanks for the awesome song!!

DJ-Hectic responds:

No problem, glad you enjoyed it!

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4.87 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2012
7:39 PM EST
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