Experiments in E Minor

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A neat song based on some interesting arpeggios I made while messing around on the piano. Made in Guitar Pro 6. Please don't mind the drums, they're just fillers and mainly added to give more power to the song.

Update 21.02.12: Added bass guitar.

Thanks for listening.


Personally, I enjoyed the introduction. It balances out the body of the song, it felt like traversing through a landscape. With ups and down, speeding up and slowing down, I would keep it in.

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AkselJ responds:

Thanks! I'm glad someone finally agrees with me on that one. :)


Like Coldmoon said. Good Song bad Intro.

AkselJ responds:

Thanks! As I said, intro might be removed. I have been revising this song so maybe then I'll remove the intro, add some solos or something like that.


If you had started at 0:47 I would have been hooked immediately. However as previous comments mentioned the intro is completely random and doesn't seem to connect with anything that follows. It made me a little bored at first. For the casual listener that could be the moment they decide to stop listening! As for the rest, in my personal opinion I think the arpeggios were quite interesting, but a little repetitive to last for 4 minutes. Just some honest feedback! 4/5 from me.

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AkselJ responds:

Thanks for taking the time to review!
Well yeah, it's pretty random and not connected to anything, but I kind of like it, I guess it has grown on me. I might remove it since it has gotten some pretty negative feedback though.


Highs and lows

The intro sounds kind of random...maybe you could tie back to it in the end.
My favorite part is 1:48 to 1:52, it was cool when the electric guitar took the melody. And, nice dropoff after that.
Try to do better transitions, especially when the electric guitar seems to suddenly enter (especially like 2:12)
Good balance between guitar and piano, it's not a bad mix.
What mostly I want to say, though, is that the music was so high energy but the chords changed so slowly, and the electric guitar hits were so few and far between, that it made me feel kind of out of place.
The harmony is good, etc. you have a strong foundation, build off of it and keep making music!
~ Nitrile

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AkselJ responds:

Thank you very much!
Intro is very random, yes.
Yeah, I see what you mean, the transitions are really hard to get smooth in GP6... The mix could also use some improvement at some places. I hope it will be a bit better when I eventually am able to record stuff. :P Do note though, some of the transitions are supposed to be sudden and unexpected. But most should be smoother though.
I can see what you mean about the slow chords. I will experiment a bit with it, but I doubt I will alter it a lot from how it is now.

Thank you VERY much for taking time to write such a detailed review. I appreciate it a lot.



So yeah, as you said, I won't mind the drums. Fantastic piano, like the mixup of synth and acoustic. Overall, this is really, really awesome. :3

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Feb 3, 2012
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