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Nav - Binkers (Short Ver)

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So, the most recently finished thing I've done is finally up on Newgrounds to be heard by all. I'm honestly surprised it's being submitted to begin with, and I'm also surprised that I stuck with the random working title, Binkers, which has no meaning other than that it's the title of the first saved version of this track.

Well, um, this track's basically chilled, atmospheric, ambient sorta dubstep. It gets this lame synth later on in the song but has a cool rhythm in the background; dubstep mostly avoids polyrhythms, but I put one in anyway. The song itself has a nice sort of groove to it, and I liked messing around with resampling and reversing and adding stupid FX to anything and everything.

It's got the damn sock icon because if I had actually made the EP, this would have been one of the songs on the "revised" version to fit with Torrentech's standards, which is the netlabel I'd be looking to put it out on.

Anyway, I like stats. You like stats. Let's have some stats:
Project Name: Binkers.zip
24 Generators: 10 Audio Clips, 9 Samplers, 5 Synths
26 Automation Clips
19 Mixer Slots: 17 Inserts, 2 Sends
63 Patterns, 13 Tracks
142 Measures, 140 BPM, 4:01 in length (the long version was closer to 6:00 but had the same stats)
64 Total effects used. Wow. That'd require a lot of outboard gear if I wasn't using VSTs.
Time spent working directly in the project: 6 hours, 49 minutes.
Total time since starting the project: 57 days, 3 hours, 52 minutes.
Fun had producing this project: Range of 5/10 at best to 2/10 at worst. It was boring. It felt generic.
Hopefulness: 7/10. I'm hoping it's the end of generic for me. I'm working on cool stuff.

Enjoy :)

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lol, binkers. I usually don't name a track until it's done and if I don't delete unfinished projects I get tons of .rsn files called shit like "kittymeowslurrrrrrr" and "fafafafafafkkjkjj." Hmm, looking over my old documents now I'm getting curious what "FUCK" sounds like...

haha, still posting track stats? It's hella fun to see those. You actually timed yourself too? You always were really anal <3

The track itself is really cool. Really laid back and experimental. Warm as fuck. Those delayed pads took up a surprising amount of space for such a simple sound. My favorite element of the track was the rhythm. Those perc sounds were so perfectly placed. Unpredictable and savvy. SAAAAAAVVVYYYYYYY, I want to have sex with your percussion in this track.

That is all.

Nav responds:

Why thanks for the review! I'm not actually nearly anal enough to keep track of the time; FL Studio does it for you! :D

I appreciate your words. Especially the stuff about percussion. :) I think sample selection is one of my stronger qualities in music production.

Thanks again for the review :)

Gah I'm so blahjhgjdhg I need to make more music but I'm not even, like, listening to EDM anymore D: not good enough at guitar yet either... fuck. I know I should just do it but like I'm so musically uncreative when I get into the software I just can't even handle it. I need someone to work with who can provide a creative spark (write melodies or sing or something) but I also don't have any goddamn time to actually do work like that... Grr I guess I'll just languish in music hell a while longer.

Sorry about the rant. I hope the percussion satisfies your every sexual desire.

I'm a big fan of this style. Dubstep is a pretty loud and straight-forward genre, but as fast as it grows, it's already becoming more and more complex with each new popular song. Even with my own experimentation, it's nice to cut away from most of the loud and party anthem feel that you get in dubstep and make something that sound whole as a song.

The synths are soft and inviting and the patterned thumps from the bass/bassline fill in the quiet synth gaps. Sometimes the melody doesn't even have to be all that to add a certain feeling to the song, especially with that almost awkwardly placed synth in the later half.

All in all, it's a nice track. Very calming and respectful to a constantly evolving genre of music.

Nav responds:

Thanks! I agree that dubstep is a very flexible genre and I don't think enough people fully take advantage of that. I was drawing on downtempo influences here, and later I hope to draw on some jungle influences to make a song.

I agree - the synth near the end is almost out of place. Unfortunately, no other options seemed to fit better into the mix with the pattern I was using, and I didn't feel like changing.

I appreciate your review :)

First review!
But in all seriousness-
I appreciate the hard work you put into this.
This is a great, innovative change of pace, seeing as instead of putting up some heavy shit on Newgrounds, someone actually submits some easy dubstep that doesn't blow out your eardrums.
Congrats, I hope to see more from you.

Nav responds:

Thank you :)

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Feb 3, 2012
12:14 AM EST
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