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_-=[A Kingdom for Alan]=-_

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A character theme I made for a friend. The first time I made something like this.

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Noble and full of grace.

A Kingdom For Alan huh? Interesting title. i can once again see a story unfold. King Alan marches through the town after a triumphant victory. he then reaches the castle where you are leading the orchestra and brass throuugh this piece. he bows his head in thanks for the piece you have created just for him. your music MaestrowSorrow touches all those who listen to it. never stop using the wonderful gift God has given you.

MaestroSorrow responds:

Thank you Zen-Zudokai. For sure I am thankful for a lot of things, and I am humbled to be able to make anything worth listening to.

I will keep sharing these stories that come to my mind, and let the world hear them, a sole reason I started to make audio, was to let others enjoy them. I am just glad there are those who do indeed enjoy them.

Thanks for your review and support.


Great stuff man, your first try on something like this, so i'm not going to judge too harshly, but yeah, could be better :P.

Still, awesome, keep it up.

MaestroSorrow responds:

of course it can be better, there is no song that cannot be better, but I know what you mean. With practice, I will nail this song, and this genre, and then i'll make myself a theme!

Thanks for the review ^^.

Awesome character theme

Hell, I want a theme =P

Very nice amount of drama in this track, but to be hoenst, this sounds like something that would fit much better in a castle or world map scene. Character themes are generally repitive, and very catchy.

Good work, though. I really like the 'big' feel that this track has. Even though, I believe you should turn down the choirs a little bit. They kind of overpower at the end of their little chorus there.

Great work though, keep it up! =D

MaestroSorrow responds:

will do ^^. Overworld theme eh... I can see where you're going with that.

Thanks for the review ^^.

Very Smooth, and I'm still alive man!

This sounds like something u might hear on the ending story for Soul Callibur or something dude, very heroic sounding. I look forward to our hopefully future collab! This summer I will be online a lot so we can hopefully keep in better touch man! Great work!


MaestroSorrow responds:

for sure man, I need to get back in touch with a lot of friends from here on NG, and I still want to collab with you.

Hopefully soon ^^.

Thanks for the review.

One day, ONE DAY...

...your shoes will be mine, mwahahahahaaa...! Then I'll be able to pull astounding music from the very air around me! Soon...

But seriously, This is astounding; I think Alan would very much like this to be played in his castle all day long it's so grandiose (hooray for MIDI choirs, yaay!). I would review all your works, but I don't like repeating myself :).


MaestroSorrow responds:

Hmm, my shoes are stinky and full of moss, i'll mail them to you, but have a priest at hand, much burning will occur.

Thanks for the review, i'll try to keep it up! (Go midi choirs!!!)

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4.79 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2006
10:36 AM EDT
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