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This's just straightfoward techno,but it's so ridiculously catchy. I think you'll like it.


hell yes

it is gr8
it can be a little better just by a nanometer

johnfn responds:

Lol. Glad you liked it :D

thsi is quite awsome

the lead line is amazing, it wasnt the abused 123 pattern seen so much here on new grouds, sounds like some awsome rpg cutscene or credit music

the tone was realy nice, and the bass was harmonized verry well, i like it alot

johnfn responds:

Yeah, I picked a good chord progression and everything else just seemed to fall into place. Thanks for the review.

My bad.

Your music definitely has a catchy quality about it. Obviously you prefer techno to trance or D&B. Though I'd have to say this has an electronic feel to it. I'm giving it a 5, and yeah.. I see that a lot of your music's been down-voted too. Since I'm a big promoter of this site's audio portal, I'll refer you to some people I know and get them download/listen and vote on some of your tracks. I just wish I could find out who's down-voting everyone's stuff so I could go burn their damn houses down. Anyways, sorry about before, your stuff is ace now as far as I'm concerned.

johnfn responds:

Thanks a lot. I'd like to blame it on Newgrounds for being too lazy to track down people who vote 0 an absurd amount of times, but I can't really say anyone in particular.

I just wish there was some sort of incentive to vote towards audio so that normal audio-goers would vote 5 on their own accord.

Other then that, thanks a lot for the review!

Nice job

I liked the chord changes in the piece, I havn't heard them used in that proggression too often.

I think you should look for some fuller sounds, the piece sounds like it's a midi file at times. Panning sounds can really work wonders too. What software are you using?

Nice job all in all, the piece has a great feel to it. 5/5

johnfn responds:

Yeah, I liked the chords too.

As for the fuller sounds, at the end of the song I tried to pull that off with the lower arpeggio, but I screwed it up and had the wrong volume setting for it. It really bugs me because on my headphones it's too loud and on my speakers I can't hear it >_> It could have done with some panning too (although I panned a lot in this song if you pay attention, because I was having trouble hearing anything)

I'm using Fruityloops... Isn't that what everyone uses? (Except the pros who use Reason...)

Thanks for the review and 5! :)


Yeah it's somewhat catchy, but "ridiculously" might be a bit of an overstatement. I like it, but the melody gets a bit repetetive after awhile and doesn't flow quite as smoothly as I think it potentially could.

But overall it's cool. 4/5 from me, keep it up :)

johnfn responds:

Maybe it's an overstatement, but I really found those chords catchy... *shrug*

Thanks for the review!

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Apr 1, 2006
1:13 PM EST
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