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I know, I know, not technically a loop. Shush. I'll explain that here.

This is my entry for the second phase of the RPG Music competition. The theme is "Nostalgic Flashback Scene". The secondary part of it is that it has to be mainly orchestral. I only have 4 non-orchestral instruments in here.

The loop is from 0:30 to 2:06, exactly.

If you recognize the intro, cookie for you.

This took about 2 weeks to make.


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YES. This is absolutely wonderful. The ambience you created here is really lush, warm and soothing, but it's supported by really good soloing and composition so it remained interesting throughout. Really nice work man - as usual I've got the odd complaint here and there, but I'm honestly very impressed. I will make ambient like this some day. MARK MY WORDS.

So uh, first off, intro's from Buoy's "Solace". That's an easy one. *snatches cookie you unjustly gave to Soapbubble and noms it*. Speaking of which, the intro is wonderful. Very reminiscent of Solace's intro, but not as slow and melancholy. It also has some awesome effects with a lot of echo on them to really set the atmosphere. Progression from then on was nailed nicely!

Composition is fantastic, as usual. There's a certain depth to the composition which makes it just so interesting and enjoyable to listen to. I absolutely love all the pad's chords and the massive and deep layers of harmony. What I thought was a very nice touch in the composition was how you did that effect at 0:30 and then at 0:35 you sort of "answered" the effect with that lower instrument. That was a small subtle touch, but nevertheless a stroke of genius.

Now I'll talk about all the sounds, and to start off your sounds, while not being realistic, are very pleasant and mellow. That pan flute (?) was wonderfully fitting and I can't say less about the instrument that first comes in at 0:26. I love your use of the piano too - as Coop said, it was a great way to keep the track's progression going smoothly, while still not standing out.

And yeah, you guessed it, I have a few complaints about the mixing :P. The track, again, feels too muddy. You talked about how you want to achieve that fluffy texture with a tonne of reverb, which I agree with, although all this reverb is muddling the instruments with each other.

I think you should do some sort of filter to edge out the low/mid frequencies of the reverb (just increase the low cut knob of Fruity Reeverb). Having high-end reverb still gives the song the texture/atmosphere you're going for while still spacing out the mix a bit more and making it easier to pick out what's going on. I think it's especially important that you do it on the pan flute and the 0:26 instrument.

I think the general EQing needs some work too since the song is kinda heavy in the mid frequencies and it gets a bit tiring eventually. A tip I've got is, when EQing, to cut out or at least tone down the frequency ranges of an instrument which aren't "important".

For example, if you're using a bass guitar, it's there to provide bass to the track (no kiddin') so you can tone down the upper mid and high frequencies a fair amount. Sure it might make the string pluck sound of the guitar much less heard and it might sound bad on its own, but in the context of the whole song it will sound fine. For instance, I generally tone down a lot of the lower frequencies of my pianos, to the point that on their own they sound weird, but then in the song they sound perfectly OK and at the same time they won't mud up the mix.

Oh and on a smaller note - I think the wind effects at around 0:46 stand out a tad bit too much. I think you should tone them down a little. Anyway, that ends my bigass lecture on mixing. I don't know much about it - just sharing what I know from the little experience I have. Basically your mixing is good but it has room for improvement.

Last point I want to mention which I haven't mentioned is about transitions. Just wished to say that they are so smooth. I honestly have no complaints at all on them - the introduction of the new instrument at 1:18 was amazing, as was the transition at 2:06. You REALLY have a knack for transitions, I swear :3.

That's pretty much it - I love this track. The composition is terrific, the sounds/atmosphere are soothing, the transitions are out of this world and the progression is great. As usual I'm being nitpicky on the mixing but other than that I really can't find anything else to complain about. Brilliant work on this, and keep it up!

SkyeWint responds:

Pff. And you say you don't radiate awesome.


Words marked. Awaiting fulfillment of those words with much excitement. :D

"So uh, first off, intro's from Buoy's "Solace". That's an easy one. *snatches cookie you unjustly gave to Soapbubble and noms it*"

Yep, ye got it. But hey, don't steal Soap's cookie. D: He deserved one for being awesome. Speaking of which, you deserve one for being awesome and one for getting the intro. *gives Soap and you another cookie each* Also, the one effect on the intro was a water drop with full reverb on it, normal and reversed.

"Progression from then on was nailed nicely!"

I loved the chord progression, it was actually the inspiration for this. :P I can play the piano chords myself at any time. Speaking of which, progression: mC9 (without the 3), mF7, mG7, C minor - repeat.

"Composition is fantastic, as usual."

Why thank you.

"how you did that effect at 0:30 and then at 0:35 you sort of "answered" the effect"

I'm not sure what you mean. I know I did something like that with the flute and the guitar, but that was at 1:23 to 1:28. Hmm. Well, guess I did good, with whatever it was. xD

"your sounds, while not being realistic"

Huh, and I thought some of them were really realistic. xD Like, the pan flute, violin (though I reverbed that a bit much, *maybe*), and piano. The majority of the more orchestral instruments were from Edirol, which, while good, isn't REALLY realistic. I really need to put my plan of adf.ly download links in the description to work so I can get some EWQL instruments.

"yeah, you guessed it, I have a few complaints about the mixing"

...*sweatdrop* Here it comes...

"The track, again, feels too muddy."

D: Nooooooooooooooooooooo- Ok, I get what you're saying here. I tried to make it so that all the instruments could be heard, without cutting out on TOO much. Thought I did pretty well. Guess not though.

"the song is kinda heavy in the mid frequencies"

Ok, I get this on a lot of my songs, it seems. :P I don't like the higher or lower frequencies as much, though I'm trying to fix the way I'm approaching this.

"edge out the low/mid frequencies of the reverb"

Understood. Can-do.

"A tip I've got is, when EQing, to cut out or at least tone down the frequency ranges of an instrument which aren't "important"."

Ok, that helps a lot. I will be sure to attempt to do so in the future and see what I can do. :)

"that ends my bigass lecture on mixing"

THANK GOODNESS. Dx Honestly though, thanks a lot for your bigass lecture on mixing. I really did need one. :P Oh, and I agree on the wind, it could probably be toned down a bit.

"You REALLY have a knack for transitions, I swear :3."

TRANSITIONS. OH, THE HORROR. x.x Any knack I have on transitions is only due to the amount of effort I put into them. I think that transitions are one of the most important parts of a song (including intro/outro), so I work really hard on them.

"That's pretty much it - I love this track. 9/10 5/5"

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D And I love this review! Helped much!

P.S. I am tempted to export tracks of each instrument unEQed, put them all in a project, and throw them at you to see how you'd mix it. Ye have been warned. >:D

P.P.S. ...ok, actually, since I'm still here, I might as well say one thing that I'm a bit unhappy about. :< Nobody's seemed to have noticed the panning. I worked megahard on panning all the instruments. Almost half of my automations are devoted entirely to that. And my automations are generally the length of the entire song. :P

In any case. Thanks again! Bye!

I was rather surprised when I found I hadn't already added you to favorite musicians.

As per usual your track is one of the best I've heard on the NG audio portal. It's an absolutely amazing ambient track that really lets your mind float. I think it fits the competition perfectly, but it also fits for just letting your mind wander. This is going on two of my playlists. Getting high, and walking around outside at night because I can't sleep.

There is a lot of variation from the very wide specter of instruments you've used. The track never grows dull and never feels repetitive, which seems to be what some people fail to do with these ambient tracks. No parts of the track really stand out IMO, which I am perfectly fine with.

Only thing I'd love for this is to be a bit longer and have a better ending. I've never been a fan of just a simple fadeout. Sure, ambient tracks tend to fade out, and I wouldn't hate on you for fading out this track, I just feel it's a bit sudden, like you didn't get to finish the track up entirely before submitting it to the portal.

I don't recognize the intro, but I'd like to have that cookie anyway, please :>

SkyeWint responds:


I remember you, you gave quite nice reviews before! Of course you can have a cookie. ;>

Seriously, thanks for all the compliments, I worked hard on this. The ambiance of this was a difficult thing to get right, and it's mainly done by having a lot of background pads and strings behind the piano and main tune.

I always try to make my songs stay interesting throughout their whole play time. Glad I could deliver here! I was a bit concerned, because it's essentially just three solos with a huge ambient background. I actually did intend one part of the track to stand out a bit more - the initial 'tune', starting at 0:30.

I agree with you on the better ending, but that wasn't what the competition was for. As I had said in the description, this is meant to be a loop with an intro - similar to the other song I had made that you talked about this on. The loop is from 0:30 to 2:06, so I had just gone back to 0:30 and faded out to show that's where it loops (make the loop recognizable). I'd love to make this into a full song sometime. If I ever do, you'll be one of the first people to know! It was too bad that I only had 2 weeks to make this...

Thanks again!


What a great piece of ambience, that really grabs you and propels you across a great pool, staring up at the endless stars. Outdoor swimming at night can be fantastic, as you can look at the sky and just drift away.

Your piece strikes a wonderful balance with the various instruments that you threw in and contributed with. It seems so sad to say "threw in", because that would disturb the rhythm and the flow of the tranquillity. Progressing, through the will of the conductor is more the way that this piece went and you've done a stellar job with it. The piano is not overstated, yet it drives the piece slowly onward, giving the rest of the instruments a guide to work along and everything fits nicely around it, like the leaves on a tree.

You could stand to make this longer, by moving to another piece - some beat and a way to take the mood elsewhere, but this could easily be track one of an album that leads on to the next piece, which is different, with the drums picking up where the piano leaves off. I'd love to hear your thoughts on that side of things and even a next track in what might become a series.

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SkyeWint responds:

Hello, Coop!

I'm glad you like the song! This took quite a while to make. I was actually going to continue this, but that would have ruined the 'nostalgia' feel, so I ended up changing it. What I had planned was to add in drums and speed it up after the guitar part. As it is, I had to settle for this. I'll likely 'finish' this by making it a full song at some point.

Thanks for the words of encouragement! :)


I don't recognize the intro, so no cookie for me, I guess. :(

I like the atmopshere the song creates. It's a bit sad but yet not so sad that you think "now all hope is lost". Instead it has some positive undertone, when the melody sets in at about 1:29.

However, I think the title doesn't really fit here. Because when I'm listening to this song, I don't have "memoires of better times" in mind. Memories, yes. But more like melancholic memories.

Anyway, the song still is very nice!

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