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Example I - Dream

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Dreamlike sequence, one example of possible style



Strange, sounded like a sea type song, but it was a mish mash of alot of things, didn't know which way to go, and it just kinda sounded like noise some of the time. You need to go in a direction and stick with it. But it has some good qualities like the main riff.HAunting but melodic

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Adam-Beilgard responds:

Sea-type song, huh? Interesting. When I get some time (motivation) I'll finish this one out, 57 seconds is too short to develop an idea and this wouldn't do well as a loop.

Thanks for the review!

Its ok

This was alright, it reminded me of some of the parts from final fantasy 9, it was good, but a little repteative and also, it was very short, and the shortness of it wasnt a loop unfortunately.
So beef it out a bit if this is gonna be a full song.


Adam-Beilgard responds:

This was my first submission, kinda neat that it reminds you of FFIX. I starte it as a full work, never finished it; so it stayed a sample and here it is. Maybe some day I'll go back and finish it, who knows?

Thanks for reviewing!

Not a loop but not enough meat for a short song.

The first 22s of this sounds repetitive, after which you bring the melody loop into the bass and it works well as a background bit.

I like the melody you've got going from 22-42s. From 42s onwards is just an ending.

It's an interesting sound - as Coop says, 8-bit goes medieval (though it sounds slightly more authentic than some old chip sounds, maybe).

However, I feel that given its short overall length, the amount of the piece that's taken up by the intro and the ending leaves little room for any meat. It sorta begins, carries on for a phrase, then ends without creating much of a mood.

The tune sounds like you could have looped it, so that may have been an idea. Even though you call it a loop, it definitely sounds to me like it ends then starts again - a loop shouldn't have an obvious start/end.

Adam-Beilgard responds:

This was meant to be a longer, more intensive peice, I just never got around to it! So in less than a minute the intro does take up a lot of time. Kind of a mix between through composed and minimalistic, in the endyou get a small taste of one of my styles. I'm glad you could find 20 seconds you liked, thanks for the review!

8-bit goes Medevil :P

A nice, quiet loop here. I'm not entirely sure of the exact connotations of a track like this, as it really doesn't wander enough for a dream for my liking. I'd have included a few variations on the theme, as when you start to dream, you mind wanders about until it reaches a comfort zone, so symbolise the thought processes that get you there.

It loops well, but the ending does need to be pepped up a little, as it does tend to give the game away here. If you keep it roughly all the same, you get a better loop, but this does harm the track where I see chance for the variations to kick in. It's a fine line, I know.

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Adam-Beilgard responds:

I'm thinking I should change the name now to Example I - Medieval after reading all of these reviews! You're right, not much variation in 57 seconds (monothematic), this was just an idea I was batting around and I put up to entice someone to commision a work.

Anyway, thanks for the review!


Well it sounds pretty intresting for most part, though one thing I should really say is the ending, I'm not really keen on it, you have it ending on the same note and for too long in my view, it doesn't really seem to work here, simply fading it out might have been much better. The start of this is okay though and does sound pretty good.

Everything sounds to be played pretty well and there isn't anything that stands out as sounding too bad, other than the ending. But there isn't really anything here that stands out a whole lot either anyway, could have done with a little more to it.



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Adam-Beilgard responds:

Yeah, beginnings and endings - one of the first things you learn in theory and I screwed my ending up. I'll keep working on that fade, thanks for the review!

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Nov 12, 2003
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