Through Thin Air

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This is a re upload more or less. I posted the first version of this a few hours ago and decided to do more work to it. I left the other one up so serious critics can go listen to see how I progressed with it.

I made all the synths using ts404 bassline synth, and 3xosc on fruity loops. this stuff takes a lot of time so please rate with that in mind, and also because this is my first SERIOUS house try. I think this is very good however I am lacking that oh so important drop/ beat change. although you can see it coming at the end lol, just havent made it yet

enjoy :) any reviews I get will be gladly returned


I like it man :)
I feel pretty lazy right now, so i probably won't be giving you a full in depth review, but what i will tell you is:
-I saw you try to take advantage of that reverse clap, and while it sounds cool, there is much more "wow" when only used a few times. im not saying only include one or two claps, but you do need one after every single clap. this starts to lose its "wow" factor, and makes it regular, and nothing special(almost on the brink of annoying, but not quite)

-you can't ride one melody for 3:27. listen to some other songs and see how they go about, with bridges, change ups, key changes, and everything in between. I'm still learning more about that day after day, and it really helps me out in my music. variety is good!

-the song ends quite abruptly. songs need to have some kind of indicator for the listener, to let them know the song will be ending. this can be done with the cliché fading out, some variation in synth work (some extra notes here or there, or a quick change up with some notes in the melody), and so on and so forth. Those are just a few ideas, however.

But, I really enjoy your work, so keep treking man!
I'll see if I can check out any of your newer stuff, and see what you've came up with since this.

Its really good

I sorta think the tambourine is a bit, i dont know i sorta like it but it sorta annoys me, maybe if you added a kick to it to go with the beat. I also agree it need that drop and maybe a little bit more of a change, the melody get a bit annoying after a while
keep working on it and update me if you re-re-release it!

You did good son...

...real good.
But really, this is an odd form of house I haven't heard for a long time, it's more of a progressive ambient mix more-so than straight house.
Key points:
It's simple, which in this case means pleasing to listen to without all the busyness that gets some other songs in this genre.
It's catchy, but you didn't need me to tell you that.
Cymbal, I would turn it down a little or change the timbre, as it's almost cliche. Almost.
Bass is perfect, nice and low, not piercing, but has great fidelity.
But honestly, you are right, it needs a drop. :) How you go about adding that is for you to decide. Keep me up to date if you update this with one. Looking forward to it.
Great first "serious" house try.
---The Fair Reviewer---

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Jan 23, 2012
9:14 PM EST
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