KKS - Elemental Mist

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Best listened with headphones.


Very intense

I really like this song. The atmosphere it creates is very dense and I could get lost in this song. Just sitting back, relaxing and enjoying this song. But I can't right now, as I have to write this review, haha.

Anyway, I think there isn't much to improve in this song. Maybe the drums could be a bit more bassy, but overall this track is good as it is now.

The intro is very nice, starting off really slow. When the string instrument sets in at around 00:39 the song becomes very special. I like the soft introduction of this instrument. The outro is done pretty nicely as well.

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KKSlider60 responds:

Thank you Haggard. :D
I'm slowly starting to EQ drums a little better now, without completely depleting the bass freqs while still boosting the trebles, and then layer more stuff until it makes a nice progression. This track marks the beginning of a new approach to DnB, guaranteed I will work hard to achieve what I want. ;)


This is a strange occasion. I am actually at a loss of words. I like this composition though. It's very creative. And on a side note, I'll be changing my review format. Ordinary works shall receive a general critique, but things that exceed the boundaries of a eight shall be given something more.
As for this piece, I have no complaints. Everything flows in an interesting pattern. However, I would suggest some variety in the drums. They seem repetitive throughout.

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KKSlider60 responds:

Hmm, glad I felt you speechless. :O
I will work hard to let your imagination pour out like a rushing river, breaking apart any artifact that block our creativity.

Very chill.

So chill in fact, i can't stop listening.
I like how you kept all your cool ambient sounds in there, it gives it a really good depth.
Also you used some cool percussion. The crashes and reverse crashes are really big.
great mastering of the bass and drums. Great track, you did a really good job on this one.

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KKSlider60 responds:

Thank you very much mate :D
Glad you enjoyed it

A Song Dedicated To Me? ^^

It's very majestic, bro. It does a fine job representing my philosophical trips to slowly put this world's genuine pieces together the best that I can.

It's subtly brilliant just like me. 5/5 10/10

The atmosphere represents the shrouded mystery before me.

The voices represent the inner world's language.

The percussion represents life, and it's noticable absence.

The flute represents progress, further development, discoveries.. Redemption.

The end - beginning represents one of the endless examples of the perpetual evolution of our minds.

Life is monotonous in a state of evolution. Humans are monotonous in the state of inertia. This world world continues to change without us in all it's fundamental beauty.

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KKSlider60 responds:

Every single instrument is a journey in its own right, and every sound is the very essence of life. It's a continuum of experiences, information, exchanges, an intricate network of thoughts and emotions. In my eyes, the mist can have a double effect: it protects us from the void of ignorance generated by others' fears, and it tells us to not go beyond where is superfluous and useless. It's elemental, because it's essential and pure, it is not an artifact from our dark desires, and it permeates anybody's mind. Thank you for every single word you just wrote :3

Very nice.

Like lounge music and a little DnB flare. Soothing, progressive, and watery. Reminds me of music in Monkey Ball. But this could really be music set to most any videogame atmosphere. Great work!

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KKSlider60 responds:

Thank you :D That'd be awesome if it were featured in a videogame

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Jan 17, 2012
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