One Final Encounter

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This is a piece I wrote featuring a phenomenal violist friend of mine (and yes, that is a viola at the beginning, NOT a violin).

I particularly like this piece of mine, and I hope you do too.

I would say more, but I would like people to form their own opinions.


This is a very touching piece. I just LOVE violins; they seem to tap into a part of people that conjures up great and sad emotion, like an orphan without any hope or a war victim you pass on the street, the victim being a young child who lost their whole family to guns and hate.

Anyhow, this song makes me think of something fantastical as well, except of something...very different: a video game theme song that plays whenever your character, the clique swordsman hero with an unknown dark past, has an emotionally tense moment with a young woman who has been traveling with you since the start of the game, who turns out to be a princess or something.

Anyhow, as these conversations occur again and again over time, she tells you more about her past, her cultural things, and who you are, of course with other details given by other people and things in your journey that will make what she says lead to conclusions.

Sorry for this idea being so fleshed-out and detailed. My imagination is like that. In short, I see not a hero and a maiden or anything sad like that, but a sad truthful history between your clueless hero and this wonderful friend you are growing closer to as time progresses, but the history you learn makes this friendship grow much like a dainty flower in a rocky wasteland: it's impossible if a strong will isn't applied.

TheBenjerman responds:

Thanks for the detailed reply! I'm glad you got so much out of it. :)

Sounds as if, a fateful encounter occurs between a hero and a fari maiden in which, either one of two things can happen. Either the maiden is dying and the hero is cradling her in his arms as he watches the light fade from her eyes, or the maiden is cradling the dying hero after an intense battle between the hero and an evil lord in which the evil lord is slain but at the cost of his life, and as the maiden cradles the dying hero, he whispers words of love that he would never have had a chance to say otherwise. Either way, there is much sadness, and I commend you, as a fellow musician, because my work is nowhere as good as this. In fact, my work sucks compared to this. I implore you not to listen to it, and I give you a 10/10 for this great piece of work involving a real recording :)

TheBenjerman responds:

Great story! I could see both scenarios. :)

And don't be so hard on yourself, keep writing. You've got some potential ;)

Woah.... the beginning is total Zelda going on! Wonderful job as usual.... love that you've got a variety in your work. ;)

TheBenjerman responds:

Thank ya!


My opinions of violas are pretty low, but dare I say, this piece definitely made it go higher.

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TheBenjerman responds:

I'm glad! Violas do get the shaft a lot, but you can certainly do a lot with them.

:') oh mah gawd so beautiful.

I am a softy for classical music such as this. Words cannot describe how beautiful this piece is... Keep making more.
This deserves no less than a 5.00 :)

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TheBenjerman responds:

Thank ye kindly!

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