AznPB - Tuesday Night

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Just a melody or two. ;) You like? Spread the word ;)



The last review got my attention. On NG radio do they just play random songs on the AP? I don't pay attention to that radio station at all...not popular I guess?

Let me guess, are you asian? Okay, getting on track now. How did I think of your song?

The beginning isn't that bad. The lead sounded nice at certain notes but at other notes it sounded like a cheap piccolo....the high pitch notes I'm talking about. The background sounds were calming. I'm not a fan of the sparkly like fx. Still, nice job on the idea.

13 seconds in and a straight jump to a minor key???? Umm, generally its good to stick to the same key in your music, flows better. The hardcore part is not bad so props for that. Doesn't really go anywhere though.

45 seconds and all of a sudden the nice calm stuff. I think your transitions need to be worked on more.

Kudos on the kick. The bass pattern is your typical bread and butter rhythm. Standard kick n clap drum loop ain't bad. Some off beat hi hats might have made the drums a bit more exciting

Is this supposed to be a loop? The song tends to loop quite well. If that was what you were going for than good job. If not well then I suggest fixing the song's ending.

Overall, a very contrasting song between peacefulness and mad hardcore. Quite a interesting idea, but I think some of the instruments need to be worked on more. The beats tend to lacking in originality. However, you sure know how to work that boom sub bass.

Why did you call this "tuesday night"? Do you want me to vote 5 again for your song on Tuesday so you can get on the top 5 on wednesday 12:00am? I can do that for you if you want.

9/10 and 5/5 vote.
Bye for now

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AznPB responds:

Oh wow. Guess I'll start at the top of your review and work my way down.

Yes, you guessed right. But it's funny really. I'm technically 50% Pacific Islander. The only part I was really concerned about when I made this I think was that main melody. I usually construct the main course of the track first, then try to develop the appetizer's around it as I go along. And being the lazy bastard I am, if it's good enough I kind of just leave it.

I have no formal music education or anything like that. Plus I'm told that I'm tone deaf so I don't really serenade my girlfriend that much. She still appreciates it though. :)

I like to pride myself on my beats since I can't really make a more than decent tune so that's where I concentrate - somewhat. And when I make a song - unless I have some sort of inspiration to make a badass track rather than pass the time then I don't mess around with the way instruments sound or the EQ that much. In retrospect, I'm not the great of an artist on a professional level. I'll just stick with drawing lines. :)

And no - it's not supposed to be a loop. The song just cuts off before it should. And it's called Tuesday night because well - I needed a title after it was all said and done. Can you guess when I finished it?

But after all of your constructive criticism, I'm surprised to receive such high scores from you. I could've swore your score would've reflected your critique more and be a little harsher. But in all - I do enjoy your in-depth review and the time you took out of your day to do it. Much obliged, Music Story. Perhaps one day I'll take a course on music theory and pick up my program again and find you to review a newer track of mine.

Great Song!

I found this just screwing around with the NG radio, and then this song came on and I was tranced! Its a great song. Great Job man!

AznPB responds:

Aha!!! Thanks! I was on the NG radio the other day and none of my songs popped up for me. :/ But hey! Thanks, man!

intence man

this is a cool track... i like it...gj

AznPB responds:

Honey Bunches of Thanks Man!

hey quite good

you reviewed 1 of my audios and told me to go here so i did, but i was wondering what software you use your music is quite good

AznPB responds:

Thanks yous. :) I must say that I use... Fl Studio. >_> But you have to believe me on that, although it's April Fool's Day. ;)


that first melody was so peaceful. it made me want to keep listening. the the hard shit came in and i was bobbin to it.

great song!

the only thing i would adjust is that whistel like sound.. each note starts off with a little pop or something.

love it!

check minez

i2 (rabbitz)

AznPB responds:

Ah, so you noticed that little sound too, eh? It happened when I put some EQ on it. :P I'm lazy and didn't feel like calibrating it.

Glad you enjoyed it mang. :) I'll be around to your page later today. ;)

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Mar 29, 2006
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