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Another Happy-Go-Lucky-Song. It's like me. Simple...happy...sexy... Good gaming song.


very happy

I like the piano sound. it's like "going for a jog" music


Reminds me of anime now. ^^
Or those themes you hear in games.. like the town themes. I like it!

10 all the way!

Rythim-Man responds:

Maybe I'll make another song like this after I hit 50 songs...

Thanks, I wish I could review something of yours to return the favor. Also, you reviewed a song that wasn't at the top, that's cool because my top songs aren't my best. Kirby's Metaknight is a must hear though.

Keep on keepin' on!!!!!


Happy? Yes! Simple! Yes Yes! Sexy? ...

Yep this is one great song. Whats the story behind this? (in reference to kirby monstrosity) btw whts your email lol

Rythim-Man responds:

Hm, well I was joking about that sexy part.

Ok, well as odd as it sounds, this was made right around a week after my gf and I broke up and well...this is a happy simple walk cuz well, when I had a gf, my songs were more complicated and either meloncholy or sad..because something new would happen between us and I would have to fix it...but now that we are seperated life is nice and simple stop and smell the roses, I learned that it doesn't have to be complicated to sound good. Not that I hate my x-gf, I do love her, but I love being free a little bit more :p

On my gold's ground page or something is my e-mail address and I'll write it here (if it don't work, go to my gold account thingy cuz knowing me I might type it wrong right here):


Ya everything is rythim man to me so it's easier to remember lol.

I just made a remix to my old song "Never Never". It's called (this is genius) "Never Never (Allegro)" and for two reasons. One, I made it using allegro and two, it's faster and more "allegro" than the original. I was trying to make it sound more like Battle Music, because that was what was in mind with my original. Ok, wait, I'm talking about a different song so I'll stop.

Again that's: Rythiman@hotmail.com


It's like some saturday morning sticom tune or something.
Seriously though! It's really good. The only thing that could have been better would have been more realistic soundfonts. Also; I liked the begining.

Check out some of my stuff,

Rythim-Man responds:

Yo thanks with the reviews, you are clearly one of the best audio artists on NG. Glad you reviewed some of my songs. Keep up the good work.

I like how you describe my music as childish =\

This is after I broke up with my girl so I've gotten alot more innocent lately. Don't blame me if it comes out of my newer songs.


Lovin the beggining. I always love the beggining.


Rythim-Man responds:

Yes you do!

And seriously dude, I can't talk about my own work because I just fell in love with your High Volume. Man you need to publish that crap (good crap) in a music store!

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Mar 26, 2006
4:43 PM EST
Classic Rock
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