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Any comments or feedback appreciated.

I've been working on this song for like 60 hours.. I believe there are still mistakes but I can't fix them with my current knowledge.

Flash game Tumble Towers2 will be released next year. Go http://www.team-omni.com/ if you somewhat care about it

Thanks for Mrmilkcarton for free mastering!
http://mrmilkcarton.newgr ounds.com/

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This is very smooth, but hits hard at the same time. I gotta say, you did real well here.

I really loved how it seemed like you kinda mixed 8-bit and real instruments in there, and it changes up a lot. I love that. I hate when the video game music is a simple loop over and over that I barely even like. I loved this one though.

Not much more I can criticize about this one. It sounded great. The violins or whatever they are near the end, were amazing! Really brought that epicness to it.

I must say though, as far as flaws go, the skipping at 5:03 killed me. Not in a good way though.

I really enjoyed listening, thank you for sharing this!

-Review Request Club

eatmeatleet responds:

thanks mate, I might actually fix that part

Makes me want to play the game

I have no idea from the tune what the game is about, but it sounds like one of these games where you build towers really high, by dropping one block on top of the other and "hope for the best". If this is just the theme tune, then you can't be doing too badly, getting the piece to six and a half minutes long.

A good combination of synth guitar, combined with what almost sounds like real piano in some of the parts, though the overriding factor is that the synth guitar really makes me think of Sim City as far as that sound resonates with me.

You build it up nicely and the tune itself carries a nice cross section of moods, from melancholy, to happy.

I've really missed the days when games had theme tunes and the idea that you're bringing it back makes me exuberant with happiness. May others follow your shining example!

[Review Request Club]

eatmeatleet responds:

yeah, it's that kind of game. Thanks for all the praise man, peace :)

Good song

This is a very nice tune. I like listening to it, as I like the rhythm and the melodies a lot here.
At the same time I also enjoy doing various stuff (surfing the web, writing posts, writing this review) while listening to it. The song doesn't require my full attention, but instead it keeps itself very nice in the background. So I think this works really well as a background track.

I also like that this track is over 6 minutes long, so if this really is a background track in a flash players wouldn't have to worry to hear the same tune being repeated over and over again, since this track is so long.

The only real flaw I noticed is at 5:03 (or 5:04). The timing seems to be a bit off here and it sounds a little bit strange.

{ Review Request Club }

eatmeatleet responds:

thanks for feedback. I am not sure about that 5:03 part though, I've listened this song so much on repeat and probably got used to it

I like it.

This works really well as background music. It's enjoyable and memorable, but it manages to avoid being distrcting as well.

One thing that I think really helps this piece is the instrumentation. you chose instruments that all work well together and you provided decent variation with each one.

One thing I don't like too much is a lack of a main melody that stands out (in a good way). There is a melody that is repeated throughout, but it does reallystand out to me as much as it could. I see no reason to subtract points from this though since really strong melodies that stand out are more of a personal preference and what you have still works really well.

The percussion is really good here too. You have steady beats that support the song and help its overall feel. I also like your choice of percussion instruments. The way you change (percussion) instruments at the right time to help whatever is going on in the rest of the song really well.

The last thing I want to mention is how it loops. It isn't bad, but it could be better. Seamless loops are something that is really important invideo game music and you were so close here.

Overall, good video game background music with good balance between the percussion and other instruments. I'm impressed.

<Review Request Club>

eatmeatleet responds:

thanks for comment, shrimpchris. Notes about looping and main melody taken. Thanks for helping me improve \m/

Good Job!

This audio is quite nice. It doesn't go too slow or too fast its just the perfect time. You did well my friend.

eatmeatleet responds:


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4.80 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2011
3:46 PM EST
Video Game
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