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Just a little something I did this afternoon to show off :)

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If you still have the Reason Project File I'd love to help you on creating some choppy beats for it like Weeksy suggested. It could be so much more awesome. It remonds me if Edward Scissor hands, the part where the cookies are being made with all the funny stuff going on. But yeah, get into scoring dammit. Make some cash!! hehe.

LJCoffee responds:

Scoring and cash... I wish I could - honestly though I wouldn't know where to start - most of the contacts that I have are ones that for professional reasons I can't use :(

I'm pretty sure that I still have all of the work files but this was an Acid/Reason ReWire + Reaktor thing so unless you have all of the above then I'm not sure it would be as easy as sending a few files your way...

Well - if you ever read this and if you ever want to work on something then feel free to PM me and we'll get started on all of that.



Classical piece really nice, but the fluid panning was just so great, it hurt my ears ; (

-But that's my fault for listening to too much music, so there : P

-Tight piece, I like the ambience to it. You use FL Studio? If so, you had a nice use of the MultiBand Compresser : D


LJCoffee responds:

Hey there - so the panning hurt your ears did it? :(

No FL here - all Reason and Acid.

Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment though - I appreciate it! Sorry I didn't see your review earlier - I really REALLY think NG should have some sort of way to see if there are reviews without responses - especially for the older submissions.

later gator


great! very relaxing! amazing, i love it!

originality= 11 - never herd this b4
clarity=25 - this is by far the smoooothis track ive ever herd
effort- 9 - short, and you did make it to show off

LJCoffee responds:

wow! - Thanks - that was a sparkling review! - I'm not sure that I deserve it but I'll take it just the same



slightly regal and ethnic at the same time, i guess that could be the oompah style horn/bass. all the parts work nicely together and build up well. although i cant help wanting a nice beat to drop in.
u know....it really ties the room together.

anyways, solid track. expect the second section to get stolen by some skanky lil r'n'b byatch for her next studio album. gg

LJCoffee responds:

skanky rnb bitches.... >:(

I caught some shit for this one - my gf made fun of me and asked if I had some Tim Burton fetish...

I really was thinking about adding some massive angry double-tempo beat but just didn't do it... The, of course, your pal Ped decided that it would sound much better with the "LJCoffee licks balls" clip... :D

I loved his mix though - I'm sure you've heard it.

Holy shit. BLARGH!

This was pure awesomness and kicked an unusually high amount of ass. If I am correct there is some Baroque influence? I love this piece because it isn't orchestral. It has a sort of 50's to 70's mystery movie's fell to it. Ever watched the old show Columbo? This is what It reminded me of. So angry at myself that I didn't check this piece out earlier. When are you submitting a new song, lol.
If you need or want anything than PM me man.

I can't vote for this anymore because they won't let you vote from the same IP twice. Lol. This is better produced than most tracks here anyways.

I also went on a panning journey while listening to this

LJCoffee responds:

! wow I guess you liked it !

As far as when I'm submitting - well... I never can tell... It's been a while so I may post up a few new pieces - I've submitted a few to SIX1 studios (another NG user music site) but I think I can make a few small changes and submit the here as well. They both need a little work...

I'll PM you - maybe I'll have something new posted over the weekend or so.


And btw - your stuff kicks at least as much , if not more, ass than anything I've posted here.

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Mar 24, 2006
2:02 PM EST
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