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Howdy folks from all kinds of different places,

As promised, here is another track for you =) Made this just for fun and tried to combine a bunch of different elements, so I hope you'll like it... Also, this is officially my longest track ever created (I usually run out of inspiration by the time I get anywhere near three and a half minutes...) Anyway, enjoy!

Technical details and stuff:
Software used: Cubase 5
Tempo in bpm: 120
Time signature: 4/4
Key signatures: E minor

Please leave a comment if you like it (or if you don't) =p


You got me.

I loved the way you changed it up almost constantly in this but still managed to keep in on structure. Also, the way you had that goofy background but went serious infront of it, was done surprisingly well.

I loved about every instrument in this, except for the rock-guitar and the drums you used.. The plucking guitar was my favorite though. Along with the bass-ish background. The kickdrum seemed incredibly low, as did the snare, and the guitar. The cymbal even seemed kind of low to me. Its like I could barely notice any of the drums were actually there..

The rock/metal guitar in there was either too low or distorted for me. It just sounded terrible in my opinion and really took me away from the piece. The pattern you used it in, however, sounded great with the song.

Overall, I'd say this may need to be mastered a little bit better.

-Review Request Club

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EagleGuard responds:

Mastering is still something I'm learning, and hopefully I'll "master" that concept one that. Perhaps a boost in the higher frequencies would fix the drums. I always hate EQ'ing drums, as I always load them as a whole set (not one single track per individual drum, but one single track for the entire thing). This means I need to EQ the drum part as a whole, which can be quite difficult. Still, practice makes perfect, and hopefully I'll be able to perfect that skill as well.

The electric guitar was artificially lowered by one octave, but that was to prevent muddiness in the mix and provide an equal distribution of frequencies. Sorry to hear you didn't like it though. Not sure what I can do to 'fix' that, apart from lowering the distortion.

Anyway, thanks for the review!


It almost sounds like a remix. I hear all those lines that sound familiar. Not a bad thing though. The first few notes from 0:20 sound a bit like the song "I was made for loving you". But that might just be me making odd connections.

The clavinet is an instrument I've never heard before in a song. It gives it a nice effect, and some variation on the rest of the song, which is more dark.

After listening to the whole song again I didn't get bored, which is I think because of the clavinet. I did find that some of the parts were too long and too often, like the part that starts at 0:36, and then again at 2:12 and 3:16. It was a nice part, but not good enough to hear three times in a song.

Compliments on the intro and the end though. They fit well with this piece of music.

Review request club

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EagleGuard responds:

Haha, I never noticed similarity you mentioned at the 0:20 part! You're right, it does sound a bit like that song from 'Kiss', but that's purely incidental.

Wasn't too sure about the clavinet when I first put it in, but I'm glad it worked out alright. It was one of the few instruments that I could think of that has a bright, yet 'crisp' sort of sound.

I was really doubting about shortening the parts you mentioned. Guess I should've done that, but oh well. That's something to think of next time ;)

Thanks for the review!

Nice song

This is a pretty nice song. I especially like the bass line here. Usually you don't get to hear bass lines very often in songs because the other instruments are mixed so loud that they simply overpower the bass.

I also like the mix of clean melodies and slightly distorted chorus. This adds a lot of varity to the song and it just sounds nice.

In my opinion this song would be even better if you could find someone to sing along to this song. Of course you would also need some lyrics... but anyway, the song still is nice!

{ Review Request Club }

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EagleGuard responds:

Thanks Haggard ;)

Glad people like the bass line, perhaps I'll make the bass more notable in future songs as well.

Unfortunately, I don't have the singing experience required to be able to sing in my own music, so I may need to find someone else to do so...

Anyway, thanks for the review! =)

Wandering around

This sounds like a song I would hear while watching a montage of someone going on an adventure trying to figure out where to go next in life as they sometimes fin things stopping them and they get right back on the path to find the swords and slay a monster harming a kingdom after having been awoken from its very long slumber. Very nice song and I love the bass line here.

The guitar sounds real clean and is that a slight banjo effect I am also hearing there too? Really nice there. The bass line here is really nice and simple and goes in an up and down fashion. Like how it stays simple though. The guitar when it begins to hit chords sounds really calm as if the person playing was also calm as they kept on going.

The drums were great and I liked the kicks and hats that were there making the song feel great. Gave that feel of you having to keep on going. Smooth rhythm. The chorus was nice, the vocals give a feel of them doing something incredible or awe inspiring at those moments.

Overall, nice song, good adventure type song.

Review Request Club

EagleGuard responds:

Haha, nice little story you made up there!

I have no idea what you mean with 'banjo effect' though. I think that's the clavinet (not a clean guitar) you're talking about? :P Thought I'd give the bass some more attention this time, so I'm glad you liked that :)

Good to hear you liked the piece, much appreciated ;) Thank you once again!

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Dec 17, 2011
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