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_-=[Waltzing with Madness]=-_

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A more battle version of _-=[Dancing with Darkness]=-_. This too, is about 70% complete.


I See The Battle Field

Yet another great work, spectular! You could close your eyes and really see the field of battle, the sweaping of lives as each army strikes the other, you can hear the clash of steel on steel, the agonizing cry of those who fall dead and wounded. A part 2 of this song veiwing the aftermath of the battle would be most interesting to hear......

MaestroSorrow responds:

Now THAT is an idea! An aftermath scene, watching the field soak the blood of all the fallen eh?! Thats gotten me quite full of ideas, many thanks for the review and the idea!

Could be better.

Perhaps it's because you have too many battle themes, but I thought this could be a bit more original. The voices in the background were a nice touch, but I thought they could be an octave higher or so. It'll add an "eerie" feel to the piece.

I personally thought that instead of starting off the piece loud, you should make it soft and then suddently come in with the cymbals and all the she-bangs! It would be the song more powerful.

Hope this helped. ^__^

MaestroSorrow responds:

An interesting idea, and for sure, for an extended piece, it is a great idea. For Flash's however, I wanted to make it as useful as possible, and so all the "she-bangs" happens right away ^^.

Many thanks for the review.

how do you do this?

it was a very fast paced and dark piece i liked a lot it was very well placed and works well with any type of dark or battle scenario.

I have one question however if you would answer it. how do you make this music do you use audacity or adobe audition or do you even record it live? i would like to know as i too would like to make audio

anyway good luck on your next piece and agan very very good 10/10

MaestroSorrow responds:

It's been a while to my response, if you ever see this, I use Fruity Loops 5, but the sounds that you are hearing have little to do with the program itself, if you would like more details, feel free to email me.

Many thanks for the review ^^.


gave wrong reviews in wrong places. the one in basking goes here, so, this one is for basking.

I could totally imagine this as like, a character theme, an event, world music... sigh... the possibilities are endless. One of these days ill start on my own music.... one of these days.

Remember, the above is for basking!

MaestroSorrow responds:

alright, I wrote my respond to that as if it were Basking.

Overworld eh?! Now thats an interesting idea...

many thanks for the review Shadow ^^.


finally, ur expanding it :p been waitin for an absolute ages X] good thing i stuck wif the hope of u expanding the song :p

finish it, n make more X]
nah, take a break from time to time~ u deserve it :)

oh btw! i hope it aint as short as ballade of drkness X]


MaestroSorrow responds:

heh, I will expand that soon, I figure might as well, just for you then ;).

Thanks for the review Lone.

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4.13 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2006
6:47 PM EST
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