KKS - Parkour Jam

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Heyo! Sup?
This is my "serious" step forward into DnB territory. It's so serious that I ask you to write as much criticism/commentary as you can. =P
Seriously though, what do you think? ^^


im astonished by the lengthly and great review so i'll try and make mine up to their standards

in my opinion this is a good piece of music, i usually try to imagine something going on while i listen to music, like the background music in a game or movie. you named this "parkour" and seeing as i do parkour on a weekly basis i think this fits very well with the theme. it flows, so to speak, much in the same way a free runner must maintain momentum on obstacles. the bass line gives it a distinctive urban theme and the trumpets (i think they're trumpets) remind me of the matrix which is kind of based around urbaness 'cause theres no green.

but i digress. if this is truly you first DnB track then you are going to have a very good and hopefully long run in this particular genre of music. looking at "ThisIsAnEmergency"s review i must agree with him tht this does sound fairly unoriginal but in your defense its drum and bass... drum... and bass... its not that much to work with. and like you said almost everything has been done or writen now, the good stuff is just the good old stuff that no ones heard about.

but regardless this is a very good piece of music and i expect to hear more pieces at the sam level of quality if not higher than this one...


ps. i only gave you 4.5 stars cause if i gave you 5 i would be a "% whore" as i belive they are called...

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KKSlider60 responds:

Without any "new review" notifications I'm a bit lost here... xD So sorry for the late reply.
My view on DnB actually changed and evolved according to my new inspirations, and you will definitely hear more "focused" DnB from me in a near future.
Thank you for your time :D


I've gotta say, I loved the way you blended all these different elements together into one track. Classical and DnB seem to fit real well when you mix them. The change-ups were also a very pleasant surprise. As well as the instruments sounded great to the ear.

However, while this seems original, it also seems very unoriginal. As in, the melodies you had before the change-ups were brought it, seemed very generic to me. Along with the drum pattern you had all throughout the song was very unoriginal. If I were to get into more details about it, I'd say the violin and classical background melodies I have both noticeably heard before. I'm not trying to just look for an excuse or anything, I promise you that. I'm not trying to be a jerk either. I have to deduct the originality points, as that's a big premise in my judging.

Honestly though, if this is your first serious step into DnB.. then you have a bright future in this genre.

-Review Request Club

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KKSlider60 responds:

Although I try to understand your points, you seem to be stuck in a narrow vision you label "originality". Everything have already been written around the globe and the fact you might have heard some parts of this track is both undeniable and quite irrelevant, for me. I used generic melodies because it's still a test track, and a starting point for any other possible DnB-like tracks. I made it to give myself an idea on how to structure the tracks according to my imagination and will to carry on what I look for. I thank you for explaining the reasons behind your judgement, but I cannot fully agree with it either because in my eyes, some parts are still imbued by how people generally perceives some aspects of sound. ;) I gotta say though, it's the most honest review I've got in a long while and I greatly appreciate this :D


I'm surprised by the large amount of great music lately. This one is certainly no exception.

I'm not familiar with the D&B genre, so I probably can't say much about it, but I think it starts off pretty good. The rush/adrenaline feeling continues for quite a long time, which is good. The slow bits throughout fit well. I did find it odd that the song got more quiet as the song progressed. You'd expect it to have some sort of climax. It's not a negative point though. More like something special I haven't heard before.

If this is your first step into Drum and Bass, then I really want to know what it's like when you dig into it more. I'm sure that music even more awesome would be created.

Review request club

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KKSlider60 responds:

Thank you ^^
From what I've read so far, some people got surprised by this track having 2-3 different themes with little or no connection to one another. I think no track has to be limited to only one kind of melody or structure, since the realm of sounds is so vast and diverse you can't possibly miss the opportunity to paint a greater picture of the whole. I thank you for your expectations about me, and that motivates me to move on and step further into this style.

A boss maybe?

Sounds a lot like the start up for a boss battle actually where you were warped to a separate dimension to do battle with it against your party. Still pretty interesting though since it seems to have that dark and yet ever so quick feel to it like if you were to blink the battle could be over for you. Very nicely done and quick paced drum and bass song.

The drums sound nice and I liked the slight echo effect they seemed to have from time to time. The violins give that classical bit of hope to the song as the battle wages on. The bass here was really wet feeling and almost felt a tiny bit like dubstep too interestingly. Liked around 2:16 where the drums sounded a tiny bit like one of the instruments was underwater.

Then it picks back up into a darker yet more calm part. Kind of reminds me of Armored Core which was also a pretty fun game. Nicely done beat.

Overall, nicely done drum and bass piece, sounds great!

Review Request Club

KKSlider60 responds:

Thank you! :D
Most of my tracks are very videogame-sounding, especially my more action-packed ones. I think any track could be used in a videogame as long as the whole is enough interesting.
Thank you for your interpretation and review ^^

Nice tune, try improving the breaks and fills

Nice intro, I really like the orchestral stuff. Also when the drums kick in it is pretty nice. Some of the fills I don't like though. They sound a bit out of time. Trying to bring the variation in is good, but these fills just don't sound right.

Then the break again is very nice, gives a nice bit of contrast. You managed to give a nice bit of contrast in this tune, which is good fo dnb. Especially the break at 2:00 give a totally different feel. However, I don't like the break at 3:00. However, I think you overdid it. Because of all these contrasts, there isn't really a large piece that flows a long time, and gives the really dnb feel to it.

Don't get me wrong. It is a really nice tune, although I'm missing a real kick-ass drop.


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KKSlider60 responds:

I'm still pretty new to this style, so I'm still trying to figure out the possible mistakes I've made.
Thanks for the tips, may those be a good reminder for future tracks :)

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Dec 15, 2011
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Drum N Bass
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