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It is the year 3568 AD. You are a robot living on a planet Robotronica, which is a mechanical utopia that has nothing but other robots and other mechanical creatures. Not too long ago, the legacy of the most dark, evil, satanic being known to man, Wiz Khalifa, has created a puppet named Sakau that has vowed to either become ruler of that robotic planet, or the puppet kills everyone. Sakau is the most powerful being that planet has ever seen and at first, everyone obeys. Then after years and year of Sakau's horrific tyrannizing, all of the robots on the planet had had enough, combined all of their powers, and began a revolt. But their combined powers were no match for Sakau, and every form of life was all killed.

You are the last living robot left, and the legacy of Robotronica is now in your hands. You have acquired as much of the universes power as you possibly could in a short amount of time, and you have now made it to the boss level. Sakau is primarily invincible, and the only way to defeat him is to somehow get to his controller, Wiz Khalifa, and destroy his spirit. Will be able to complete your final mission?



The title isn't misleading. This is a pretty cool tune to listen to! Despite being hinged for the first half on the same motif...it didn't get boring for me. It was a nice touch adding the brief break and then starting again. I believe I can use this for my purposes :)

I think I'll also steal the name Sakau from your story hehe ^^ for purposes you know of! ^^

10/10 5/5

P.S: When i voted on this tune it only had under 4 :( I feel this deserves over 4 :/

DiroNomer responds:

Thanks for the review bro!

Cool concept.

I have a special place in my heart for robots (:

So, this song is great, and has some really cool parts that stand out. However, if you're interested in criticism, mine would be that this song is too repetitive. It's basically 6 minutes of the same thing, using different voices. My suggestion to you (take it or leave it), would be to spend more time on your songs. You submit SO many ideas, but I feel like you could easily concentrate those pieces into some really great, full length songs. Something to definitely consider. I know what it's like to have a brain swimming in countless fresh ideas. But when I channel them together and force them into one song, I usually get very satisfactory results. I highly recommend you try it. This song could be really cool if you took the main lead and made it a theme, but surrounded it with some new melodies.

Also, any FL Studio savant knows the default club kit when they hear it (: Even some basic equalization and reverb can do wonders for hungry ears.

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DiroNomer responds:

True. This is basically the same riff recycled by different synths and notes. I only spend 35 mins - 2 hours on most of my songs average. My old computer that had the full version if FL is broken, so when ever I start on something, I can't save it. So I just add a few touches to it, and submit it.

Anywho, I have actually taken your advice on some of my songs, and they turned out pretty good. But right now, I'm just basically going upon my ideas of music before I forget.

Thanks for the advice :D

Hey now

That's a neat tune 10/10. Keep up the great work and make the great to the best.

DiroNomer responds:

Thanks bro!


7/10 for the song. It's cool. catchy, and I can't think of another word that starts with c.

+3/10 for the amazing story. Seriously. It was awesome.

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DiroNomer responds:

Thanks :D I kinda winged the story a bit, cuz I didn't really think about what to write, but I figured when I made this song, it kinda needed a robotic storyline to go with it.

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