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XS - No Clipping

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No Clipping -

Slow, moving and dark.

140 BPM

X Sentinel -

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/X SentinelOfficial
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/xs entinelofficial
Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/x-s entinel

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WOW !!!

Here's my normal step-by-step review. Enjoy

00:00 good beat, setting it up, very nice
00:14 Gun click, goes with the beat, and the name finally makes sense :)
00:15 From the shot, things get darker, heavier. The drums added in get the beat going.
00:35 Added vocals, sounds good
00:41 Here it comes...
00:43 That shot and the music following is explosive. Quite literally. I think my computer is broken now.
00:45 That little stop... Really sounds good with the music, helps reestablish it.
00:48 Everything is slow, dark, and really really good.
00:52 Dat stutter! It was so well placed! :D
01:09 The reintroduction of the high notes really compliments the deeper bass of dubstep. Bravo!
01:25 Everything is really electronic now, less bass, more electro. The transition really varies it up.
01:36 Another shot, goes with the steady beat.
01:42 Vocals, gives it a church feeling. As in, a church with a creepy murderer on the loose slaughtering everyone.
01:50 And it starts again! The stutter leading to this moment, the shot, god, it's brilliant!
02:03 Back to the base. Another shot.
02:55 Fading out...
03:00 Done!

Now for the lengthy, Beginning-Middle-End Review!

Beginning (00:00 - 00:41): From the beginning, you are building up. That's something I like about this song. The build up instantly gives the situation: A dark, creepy place and a dark, creepy murderer. If you close your eyes, you can almost see it. At 00:15, the gun really doe take you to this place, gets you stuck in the 'story' of the music. As it goes on, I find the beat getting rather repetitive, and even though the gun clicks help, they don't help much. It gets better at 00:28, with the addition of the vocals, which echoes around in my headphones and really compliments the electronics. At 00:41, and a bit before that, you can feel something is going to happen. Something big

Middle (00:42-02:32): From 00:42, the music is in your bones. The explosion at 00:42 just sets up and off everything that comes after it, and you really do feel in the music. Unfortunately, at 01:00, it gets a bit repetitive again, which I don't like. My suggestion? Add more variation! Sure, at 1:38 you do that, with shots and vocals, but I find you need to add variation to everything! Maybe add a church organ? And some deep string instruments? Maybe start vocals earlier. Anyway, at 01:38 you do manage to recapture my attention, and I love the vocals. Very deep, very creepy. The clicking of the pistol does get on my nerves though. My thoughts: add deep laughter. It would be great, and dark.

End (02:33-03:00) I don't like the end too much. I find that it just continues to replay what the middle has been doing for the past minute or so. Sure, in the last ten seconds it gets to a kind of stop, and that nice click before the end, but it's too short! Start dropping down slowly, don't cut. I've said this to other artists, and sometimes it works, but I'm afraid it doesn't here. Try lowering down.

That's my review for your piece. I like the music, yet I find it too repetitive. So I will give you 3.5 stars.
Try taking into consideration this review when writing more music.

P.S All of this has been graded wearing high quality earphones, so don't just say I have a bad music system.

Jimmypig responds:

How did I not see this! Wow man thanks for the in detail review! IT's really helpful and I'm still learning, this is just my starting work :)

Feel free to review any other tracks, I'll make sure I read them this time -,-

Thanks again!

nice. The clik clak of the pistol gave it character. at 0:50 you started to facilitate the stereotype of dubstep. But it was so well executed, that you can't hate it. This song brings pictures of a dark man executing his victims in the cover of night. My only complaint is the stereotype. haha but this was good. please keep making music! Put your heart into it and you can't fail!

Jimmypig responds:

I know yeah it's very typical, but I wanted that for an opening track, typical but still me.

love this bass!

Jimmypig responds:

Me too! Thanks man

Good beat. Like you said, slow, Dark. What i imagin is a dark haloish setting like when you first encounterd the flood. the guns sounds add to it. Nice work.

Jimmypig responds:

Cheers dude!

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Dec 12, 2011
12:20 PM EST
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