Take No One

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Dark Techno. 1st Techno piece (techno1/takeno1?) im not sure about it. Please feedback.


this song rocked

this song kicked ass, make more like this and u might get really famous

Jimbobsthebest responds:

Wow, what can I say to that?

Reviewing as I listen

The first thing I noticed was, "whoa, getting louder." Stupid, I know, but it's me we're talking about.

I don't usually hear techno like this (or at least the beginning. Haven't heard the whole thing yet). It's a diverse pleasure.

The "beeping" noise that sounds like some kind of...I don't know...machine...yeah, that's cool. The sirens too.

Wow it's loud. And then that subtle drum beat. That's cool.

The song doesn't really change much. It generally stays the same volume and there's no variation in beat. It's a great song and really creates and atmosphere, but I feel if there was MORE, you know, *MORE*, it would be better. Some parts where it's faster, or some really loud parts with insane rhythms...I don't know.

Great job.

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Jimbobsthebest responds:

Wicked review man. I can't remember but I think its this song a few people have said add a hi-hat something or other so I recon that may thicken it out a bit and give it a bit of variation. I kind of went for a progressive, minimalist piece here, but I think I maybe went a little too minimaist, lol. Thanks for the review man,


I have a question...

This is a great song I'm going to admit that BUT I have a felling you download your songes a lot... lol I'm just checking. *_*

(Please listen to my songs.)

Jimbobsthebest responds:

Thanks for the review, but the only reason I have loads more downloads than listens is that I submitted this a while ago, and when the new layout came to newgrounds, it carried the download amount but not the listen amount. So I have a bigger download amount than listen. I don't download my own stuff.. why should I? I already have it.

Thanks for the review though, I'm pleased you enjoyed it.

what can i say.

a good asmoshire techno peice, loving this, all i can say maby add an pulsing hi hat or somthing. make it an 10/10,

good spooky chrildren taking, and the war siren

{were in the war again}

gd gd ,
dj dragon, starfoxtechno.

Jimbobsthebest responds:

Cheers for the review man. Yeah it does seem a bit empty in places, i recon a hi-hat rhythm would deffinatly go down well. Thanks again for the review mate,



What an intro! Opening the filter cut-off on that bass really hit the spot and the voices were very well integrated.

In the second half you introduce a hand-clap that I think could stand to be louder. Also, maybe you're going for a minimalist song but I think some kind of hi-hat is necessary.

The synth part that is introduced later is good, but I would make the sound bigger at the end and don't be afraid to drench it with reverb. Techno is about boldness and a kind of 'crudeness' so do whatever it takes to get your message across!

Also, bring back the voices at the finale.

All in all, nice effort. Its a catchy song.

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Jimbobsthebest responds:

Thank you very much for a kind and constructive review. I'll deffinatly try some sort of hi-hat pattern in there and see how it sounds. I may have to upload a version 2 song with some improvements. I think your totally right, it does need more towards the end so i'll try and add some extra samples or something. It's always hard when listening to something over and over whilst working on it to sit back with fresh ears, so thanks for a great review.


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Mar 22, 2006
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