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Here is kind of an update for the track "SHSI" that is already on here......let me know what you think!

Thanks !


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Notbad at all

hmm ok so this is your second most recent alot differant and starts out slow wich is ok, i love that you can bring those softer notes and really build this up, the drums also work great as in combination with the sharp sounding guitar, this was just great, i lopve the soft build up that tends to be hard to do sometimes, especially as hard as you go with the rest of the tune, i think i suggested this before but why not speed up that build up just a tad in the begenning, other then that this was notbad at all.

The starting was soft but that was ok it was a build up of the harder stuff, it just seemed to go on abit long, why not speed it up somewhat faster there.

I came...

To this song expecting something awesome. soon as the intro picked up, my face was blown off and i waited til the song finished to get up and find it. sounds waaaay better than the first rendition and if i remember, you put multiple intros on that one. also....I came...heheheheh

JonSantiago responds:

you sick fuck! I love you :)

Something Sounds Familiar???

Boss stuff as usual good sir but I gotta ask.. At the very beginning the feedback or whatever the the song fades into.. It sounds exactly like the fade in you had to your "Rough Tits" song... Am I right?

JonSantiago responds:

yup! sure is the same thing!

Jesus god.

I wish there was an award that we could give to people that rock so fucking hard they could shatter semi-dense concrete with just the power of their metal.

Because, seriously... You make me jealous of your skillz. I can write a song, sure. But I could not be you, not in 1000 years could I be you, my new metal messiah: Metaljesus.

This song kicks a metric fuckton of ass up and down flights of stairs in an indoor soccer field. If this song was playing during American Gladiator we would have all died in the 90's within minutes of those 'roided meathead's ears coming into a true understanding of the amount of sheer metal being pumped into their bodies because they would have gone on rampages across the world that would make the biblical apocalypse look like a walk through whatever Universe My Little Pony takes place in.

Stop winning. With your metal. Because it's just not fair to the rest of us.

JonSantiago responds:

LOL! Thanks for the review dude! love your stuff too!

Holy dude.

Dude, this is evil as fuck. Is this going to your band? Or just staying a Jonus asskicker?
Either way, whatever man. Coolio as usual.
Leads sucked, though. It was like listening to math music. No one is that smart, Jon. haha, I kid.... you ridiculous beast.

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4.26 / 5.00 (+ 0.077)

JonSantiago responds:

lmao! math music ya this will be a song for absence of fear for sure! When are we gonna collab again???

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4.87 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2011
10:56 PM EST
Heavy Metal
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