Winter at the Castle

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I've done things with this song that I have never attempted before. This is a very new track for me and the style that I am used to. Please enjoy!

King William was thought to have been the most benevolent ruler of his time. A patriarch of all that is good and holy for a man. The church favored him, the people favored him, and there were none who resented his just throne. Winter has come upon the castle, and there is much rejoicing for the king's subjects. However, a stranger approaches the castle, and with this stranger comes a threat that has not been known to the castle in a long time.


what can i say...?

good job as usual...?
All of your music is awesome to the core, keeps giving me inspiration (stop it, i have too many ideas for my book now D: is gonne be too long)which is still a good sign.
At the beginning i imagined a giant winter wonderland (more specificly a city, inspired by Minas Tirith, covered under snow)while somebody narrates about the past happenings.
at 0:55 the camera goes into the castle, you see the new queen (as the king died some weeks ago)standing before a fireplace. The main characters are present as well in the room.
At 1:05 the queen tells of the happenings in the land as they were gone to fight the darkness. The Snowfall Holiday was soon to start while the war still rages on. Diplomatic relationships have improved providing new allies and enough food is being stored all over the land so nobody shall know the word 'hunger'.
at 1:55 Ernest Dharis (A Men from Falbrios [but actually a Zariothan noblemen])and Miligen Arnhout (An Elf, the princess of the Elven kingdom Dornof)(the 2 main 'main' characters)are alone, having a private conversation. They talk about what has happened in the past, things only they know. At this point in the story they finally reveal to each other that they love one another...


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Bosa responds:

You hit the nail on the head there. I wanted to give people an opportunity to allow the song to stimulate their imagination, and let themselves tell their own story towards the meaning of the song. I'm glad you put your story here because I always enjoy hearing what you and others have to say -- including your stories. Thank you for listening and reviewing, please keep in touch with me as I will be submitting more music as time goes on.

Amazing so...

It's great don't have much to say...

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Bosa responds:

You're great.

Don't have much to say, but...

Thanks for making another beautiful piece of music, good sir. I missed your compositions! :)

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Bosa responds:

It feels good to make music again, especially since I've improved over the months.


reminds me of Slaughtered by Pantera!!!!
DO SIN!!!!!!!!!

This is epic.

very nice :)

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Bosa responds:


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