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I was asked to sketch out a basic melody in a hour... but what I came up with was only a little less than this. A hour and thirty minutes later, this piece was done... probably my fastest to date (1 sec/minute about).

A nice little warlike song... happy at parts, sad at others. I decided to abandon a few traditional ideas and focus on a few others... I find it has a more contemporary feel.

Constructive critique is most welcome! Please feel free to give me ideas or point out issues. I know it isn't perfect in any way, so anything helps. :)

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A little short

Not a bad track, but it didn't seem to loop right and with that on top of the fact it was quite short, meant that these factors conspired against my feeling on the overall track. I feel that there is some good potential with the track though and you need to stick with it and tweak a little to make it worthwhile.

The piece sounds good, with the idea of building up before some sort of medieval conflict, taking the lives of many and maiming many more. The whole scenario is one of foreboding and potentially of great loss, which will no doubt play out in later pieces that you submit. I look forward to the great arcing swathes of blood and gore that you communicate during these pieces, with increased pace, gusto and presence.

That was the other place that the piece maybe stumbled slightly - it failed to really impress itself upon me, not quite being there to grab me and say "something's about to happen!", more that this is the forgotten piece of music from a menu, which people end up humming all day, because the stuff on the radio at work is worse... Ah, I see what you did there.

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samulis responds:

Ironically, it is designed to be menu music, although the fellow who requested it asked for some changes, hence the piece posted directly after this one.

I did realize the looping issue... I generally try to have the song die out as much as possible into nothing more than drum beats or such so it can slowly kindle to life again, but I didn't have the luxury of doing that noting the quiet beginning.

As a side note, most of my pieces are under two minutes. I have not broken the five-minute mark in over a year, although I hope to do so at some point. :(

Thanks for the great review. :)

One hour and thiry minutes for this? Wow...

The beginning of this little piece is a bit sad, so I imagined a lonely house upon a hill in a rainy night. But shortly after the sad part the song became more happy and cheering, so I instead imagined an open grass field, the sun is shining, maybe some kids running around, enjoying themselves.

But then the song takes yet another twist and some marching like melody sets in, so my imagination shifts again, this time to some sort of fantasy like city. A bit dark here and there but overall a nice place to live at. In the background some huge army is marching towards... well, I couldn't make up my mind, where those troops are marching. Maybe they are enemy troops, marching towards the town? Or maybe they are friendly troops, coming back from a battle?

Anyway, I really like this song. :)

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samulis responds:

I love the imagery you invoke in your review... I always like having a second interpretation of the piece aside from my own.

I was asked to write a piece that was both Dark and Powerful, hence the minor beginning and evolution into the brilliant light of some high strings. I then took the lead-in only providence and some thought could have provided and led it into a war-like song as a sort of second movement.

Thanks for the great review again, it means a lot more than just numbers to me!

Calm before a battle

Kind of makes me think of Final Fantasy music actually since most of them tended to sound quite a bit like this. The tune gives that feel of getting up and slowly heading towards the battle as you prepare for one last showdown with the foe who has been ruining your village and the lives of many other people too. Pretty nice little song.

The violin I hear makes me think of calm things. The harp has that sound as if you were in a cave training for the day you knew yet hoped would never come at all. The drums are quite dynamic and make you feel ready for a battle. Very great little tune.

Overall, great battle startup beat. Maybe the prelude to the main boss battle.

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samulis responds:

Thanks, I have been trying to explore with more dynamic pieces as of late; starting very quiet and calm and moving to loud battle-esque bits or vice versa. I really wanted to try using some woodwinds and strings together, especially some reed woodwinds, as a rarely use them. The idea of this as a prelude is great... I didn't think of it as that since, and I said this to Coop above, I wrote it as a piece of main menu music for an adventure RPG-esque game.

Thanks for the review,


I wasnt expecting all these Classical songs for the contest. But it's all soundin good!



samulis responds:

Classical is often easy to write in a short time... although orchestral takes longer. I just compose often, so writing a song can be done quickly.

I am glad you like it. :)

Epic melody, Epic instruments, Epic atmosphear.

This loops perfectly, i can see see being used in game on NG if you polish it up. Infact patch all that you should just do the soundtrack for a whole RPG style game.

Definetly giving me and the other guys in the thread a run for our money so to speak.
Sure you did this in 1hr 30 mins? Because thats pretty impressive!

samulis responds:

You can ask the fellow who asked me to write it if you want complete proof... he posted in the arrangement after this one that he settled on for his game.

I would be more than glad to do the soundtrack for an entire game, but I rarely get requests for more than borrowing a song... in fact, this is only the second piece I have been commissioned/asked to write, aside from the stuff for the Game Jam.

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