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~SW~ Soul Core

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Author Comments

Ok, so, this is done.

I got the idea for this out of a nice new little pad I got. This song is all minor chords, generally G-flat minor, F-flat minor, and B minor (every once in a while).

The goal for this was to make something that's chilled beyond anything else you could imagine. I think I probably succeeded, what do you think?

Oh, the other goal was to have the drumline be realistic.


Any feedback you care to give on this is good feedback. Be as nasty, cruel, cynical as you want. Just be aware I'll reciprocate the mood of your review if you don't give feedback that's helpful. (if you don't hear anything wrong with it, you don't need to specifically look for something to find wrong about it. xD But if you hear anything iffy, I'd love to know.)


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the gua gua gua gua oscillator thing sounds too loud but this melody is SWEET. Love it.

Not sure it's Jazz

Perhaps blues, or soul, but not Jazz, in my opinion. Still, that's just what it is - an opinion. Even it is is Jazz, composing a track like this is difficult, because Jazz is the strangest type of music, as it evolves as the song goes on, as opposed to being bound by some form, such as verses, choruses and the like.

I like the piece overall and I think that the sound of the sax can be improved - it just sounds a little electronic to me, which is a shame. The beat is good and it gives a nice skeleton to the piece - again one of my interpretations of why it isn't Jazz, since it has too much rigid form and not enough improvisation to call it the truer face of Jazz, as it were.

Still, here we have a nice piece of sax, that carried the tune and a few decent backing instruments - why not have some of the other instruments out there give a little solo or bridge, just to break it up, as in a real club situation, the saxophonist might need a breather, just to get back into the groove every once in a while.

[Review Request Club]


I'm not sure I would classify this as Jazz, if there was a "New Jazz" it would definitely fit though. I'm not sure what I would classify this as, but the saxophone doesn't alone make it Jazz.

The saxophone, melodies, and instruments used in this we're very pleasant to the ear. Along with the melody patterns, I really enjoyed those as well. However, that didn't sound like much of a Jazz bass to me either. You could've tried to make a better pattern with that.

However, the drum/snare we're way too low and sounded terrible. I can't think of a nicer way to describe them, my apologies. You should really work on creating your own drums or finding a different drum pack. You can easily make better drums by trying to combine different kicks together, or combine a small snare with a bit of a bigger drum, and a snare with a clap, or bring in a hi-hat to combine with in. Anything works in that area. The drums really took away from this though, so low I could barely hear them and when I did they just weren't sounding as good as they should have.

This could also probably be longer with more added solos and different instruments. As I said above, I would've added a bass solo and made the bass melody more complex. The melody you had was good for the song, but I think it needed a solo with a different melody. You could also always add a trumpet solo or a guitar solo, something to bring in an epic part of the piece.

I understand you were trying to go chill here, and I think you did. The problem with that is, it leaves so much more to the ear to be heard. You should really go back and try to add more to this and work on it a little more to make it as good as possible.

This definitely has a lot of potential behind it.

-Review Request Club

SkyeWint responds:

Well. This certainly was a harsh review, I'll respond to every point in it.

"the saxophone doesn't alone make it Jazz."

Yes. That's true. That's not why I called it jazz though. I was using the blues scale quite liberally throughout this, and the chording is much more jazzy than a lot of songs I've heard. That and the rhythms was why.

"melodies, and instruments used in this we're very pleasant to the ear"


"that didn't sound like much of a Jazz bass to me either."

I didn't use a walking bass. Is that the problem? The initial and ending bass was more 'trance', I admit, but... the middle was most definitely more jazzy.

"drum/snare we're way too low and sounded terrible."

I'll take this paragraph as saying "I didn't like the drums at all". I can see what you're saying here, and I can say that most of this I don't agree with.

First, the 'making-your-own-drum-pack' thing would be awesome. Unfortunately, I do not have much in the way of music production, and more in composition. I would love to make my own drums, and I actually do put a lot of effort into finding decent drum samples for the songs. I'm sorry you didn't like this, but I am kept from giving too much sympathy from what you said in the rest of that paragraph.

The snare wasn't in the low frequencies at all. In fact, the only thing that could be called 'in the lower frequencies' was the kick, and it had the lowest frequencies pretty much to itself except for the bass, I hear it quite cleanly even with that, they don't mess with each other at all. Not to mention, it also has a higher frequency in it with the hit. As for the high-hat, were you even listening to the drums at all in the sections with the synth guitar?

"This could also probably be longer with more added solos and different instruments."

Granted. I did not want this to be one of those 5-6 minute long songs that just goes on and on with the same feel. It's meant to be short. But I do see what you mean, and I suppose it could be longer.

"something to bring in an epic part of the piece."

An epicness feel wouldn't really work with a chilled-out song.

"I would've added a bass solo and made the bass melody more complex."

Perhaps. But as I've been told before, complexity isn't necessarily a good thing. While I did not say this, this was my attempt at making a simple song that has

While I appreciate the honest review, I can't help thinking that you didn't really listen to the song and instead just looked for all the bad things you could think of, even throwing in a few things that weren't even really problems.

However, that doesn't mean I can't recognize the things that make sense. I do appreciate the good feedback you gave me, and am thankful for it.

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4.18 / 5.00

Dec 1, 2011
10:09 AM EST
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