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i made the loops on FL then exported them onto my desktop and then dragged n dropped them into music maker 10.

i made the drum loops in music maker 10 in the beat synthesizer and thats about it.



pretty good =]. i like the upbeat beat. this song is weird. off beat spooky things in the background. it changes in a random way. gj though

Viewtiful-Masta responds:

lmao, i know im always random.

Yay extreme bass lines!!

Whoooooooo bass lines! I odn't know what else to say...uh oh...yeah tempo change. Now that's what I'm talking about! There we go, mad bass lines and a tempo change and beat to match! Then it slows down...dream world with a purple sky...sky gets darker as music gets lower. Man this music reminds me of a Mortal Kombat fight. Yay MK!!!

Viewtiful-Masta responds:

(XD) LOL! Well thanks for the Viewtiful review to man! lol! Really man you didn't have to review though! Yes I worked very hard on this song but it didn't turn out as i thought I wanted it to! But thats ok cause im gonna remake it anyways! lol!

Keep it V man!


yo :)

V man dis is some tight shit you've made! And from your responses, I've come to the conclusion that it's good that you have such high standards when making your tracks, cuz that only makes you better AND BETTER! And honestly, I've never heard anything quite like this. So keep up the V work!

Viewtiful-Masta responds:

True true! Yes this song was o..k...but it wasn't that V as it was suppose to be. I worked real hard on this song but all turned out like shit.(XP) But im remaking it, Cause I didn't like this version.

Thanks alot V TP man!

Keep it V TP!


Why do you have to be so cool!!

I hate you, now I gotta freakin vote a 5/5 and 10/10! Now I'll never be better than you...it's not fair!

Best thing ever, I can see this in a high-detailed game like Metroid Prime.

It's perfect

Well...not quite... You still didn't get perfect. You're only inches, nay, centimeters away from being perfect. Mwahahhahahahahaha!!!

Hey, could ya review some of my stuff? You know I was joking about that I hate you stuff right, I mean it was just a joke. Buddy?

Just so you know, he was my favorite artist first...

Viewtiful-Masta responds:

uhh...I like nachos to! First of all I don't remember you telling me that you hate me...second I don't even know who WAS your favorite artist!(XD)

So dude CHILL im not better than no one and this song is easy to out beat! Trust once Karbon uploads his new song you'll be like OMFG! So dude yes were still buddies and no i won't ever make a perfect song! This song wasn't even perfect it was just a failed song I worked on...oh well i'll try to get review more of your music dude its just hard to because I review so many other ppl's audio. It's hard to keep up with it but i'll get yours!(=D)

Keep it V man!


0.0 "oooooooooooooooh" ^_^ "nice!"

Luff it. Starts all dark/industriul(ish) then goes all mystical.
Keep it V!

Viewtiful-Masta responds:

DUUUUDE! The CHoaz DUDE HAS ARRIVED! Thanks dude! Thats what i was think to dude! lol Thanks for the V ass review and the BOOST up man!

Keep it V man!


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4.10 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2006
8:46 PM EST
Drum N Bass
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2.9 MB
2 min 34 sec

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