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Black Lips

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I woke up one morning, and my lips were covered in this black film of stickiness...


Geezer factoid alert - metal plates

Metal sheets are the original "plate" reverb. It's how they did it in the old daze back when studios had real rooms dedicated for reverb and there were no electronic devices to emulate it. Speaker in one end of the room and a mike or two in the other. Not sure how they miked up the sheet metal plates but I assume they had a contact mike on one side and speaker attached to the other end of the plate.

Anyway, nice loop.

mneten responds:

Thanks :P i likes it, but i wish i could ... make songs. or something. the whole melody thing is difficult, without a keyboard or something, though i've been recording some accoustic guitar stuff that i hope to use somehow later ^.^

sounds like waving metal

ever took a giant metal sheet and waved it back and forth?

thats what that kinda bassy instrument over top of the drumz sounds like lol

this song is really cool im not gonna lie

review my shit

mneten responds:

yeah, actually, i have done that with a big metal sheet before. i loved the noise it made... probably why i love the noise i used in this song so much too.

thanks for the review, i'll take a look at your stuff :)


Good thing the stickiness wasn't white....

Anyway, very unique and cool-sounding, you get a 5/5. Check out some of my stuff if you want.


I had a dream once...
One morning I woke up, and feathered all over the couch.
The couch laughed at me, so I chopped it up with my golden spork.
Then I went outside, using my arms to sheild the celestial light (protruding from the purple swirlyclouds) from my eyes.
Then I looked to my left, and there was my mother, wearing but a winter parka, and uglypants, in the middle of July the 49th.
She looked at me, and yelled at me to brush my face!
I ran at her toting my trusty spork, but I got hit by a car, doing negative fortyfive miles per hour.

That's when the dream starts...

I dreampt that I went on to newgrounds and listened to an awesome song, called black lips. That song kicks ass! It was so good, that I mistook the author for a blue grape. Which was a close one. Anywho, this song rocks!!!

Check out some of my stuff! ^_^

mneten responds:

you're obviously a sane little character, aren't ya?

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Mar 19, 2006
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