Crawling Eye

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This is my first attempt at dubstep, I haven't really listened to a lot so I don't really have any influences. This song took me a long time and i made all the synths myself using massive.

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nice wubs bro
btw 4:20 8)

I like that bass, but I only wish it were more defined apart from the rest; it just feels too much like part of the rest of the song, until the other synths are absent.

That's not to say what inthemiddle 09 said about the lack of a 'drop', I just think it should take more of a center-stage position in the piece.

The only other thing I don't like is your hall/ reverb kick; the noise from it carries on too long and gives a slight, yet unneeded, industrial feel.

Overall, I enjoy the composition of this piece, though. Nice job.

I really liked this song!

And I agree with SuperJesusFace, nice lashing of that stupid idiot.

Very Unique

Has a very unique sound and I love it. You scolded that inthemiddle09 dude pretty good. xD And, honestly I agree with you 100%. Anyway, great track, I'll be checking out some of your other stuff :)

joethesouleater responds:

thanks a lot =] i really appreciate it. Thanks for reviewing.

wheres the drop

the whole point in dubstep to to scare the shit out of people with the drop this was ok but its a start!

joethesouleater responds:

Dubstep is genre of electronic music originating in the UK. It is characterized by deep bass and sub-basslines. Dubstep probably has one of the most ridiculous fanbases out there. The fanbase mostly consists of people ranging from 14-18 years of age. Most of these "fans" are preppy kids who listen to dubstep not because they like how it sounds, but because they think it's "cool", and that's what all the "cool" kids listen to. Those kids make up about 85% of the fanbase. The other 15% are actual dubstep fans, who appreciate the rythm and basslines and aren't just looking for filthy drops. Dubstep isn"t about mind fucking noises, it's about the rythm and the feel of bass sounds. Unfortunately, 85% of the fanbase do not have the intelligence to grasp this truth, and continue to search for and listen to what they think are "filthy dubstep tracks". Dubstep fans also feel the need to let everyone know about their affection for the genre. Wearing dubstep clothing and accessories, having dubstep phone backgrounds, it's so stupid. If i was into rap music, i wouldn't go around wearing shirts and hats that say "rap". My phone background wouldn't be the word "rap". This just proves that people like dubstep just because they think it's cool. This is what it is. Dubstep is a genre of music, not a religion. I love dubstep, but it's like some sort of ego-inflating disease. I honestly can't wait for it to die so only the true dubstep fans are left. The point of it is to listen to it and enjoy it not to scare the shit out of you. You wanna get the shit scared out of you watch a friken horror movie.

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Nov 19, 2011
6:04 PM EST
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