the tale of the crystal cave

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wondering what's inside that cave i found while exploring the forest, i entered the small passage hesitantly.
there was a dark path lined with dead roots leading down into blackness. my heart was beating fast and soon i thought this was a bad idea and that i should return. but then something told me to keep on going.
while i was walking deeper and deeper into the unknown lair, i started hearing weird noises that sounded like goblins on crack. sometimes i would notice weird movement even though i could barely see, only having equipped my soon-to-be-empty lighter.
"this kind of brings me back into my teenage years when we did shrooms in the woods and tried to freak each other out", i thought.
a little later when i was about to require new underwear, i suddenly saw a glowing shimmer behind the next turn. it looked beautiful. the moment i saw it i became very excited but as it caught my eye for the next few more seconds it rendered me paralyzed.

complete horror.

i started to panic like crazy while not being able to move any part of my whole body and realised that at this point i actually required new underwear.
like a puppet, i unintentionally began to move slowly towards the bright radiation. i arrived in a hollow full of crystals that were so bright that it blinded me. but i couldn't move my hands or close my eyes.

i heard a voice saying:
"do you know who i am?"

i said: "no! who are you? why are you doing this to me!?"

the voice said: "you are doing this to yourself... for i am you and you are me. we are two different egos - each a subconsciousness on it's own - of the same person."

i was enlightened and free of all doubt and indecision as soon as my brain finished processing the signals induced by delicate disparities in air compression in reaction to what my other ego just said to me.

"the fear is gone
total bliss
forever now
i am home"

with these thoughts, the best feeling i have ever experienced in my life came over me.

"this makes mdma seem like ginger beer", i thought and smiled.

"the world is safe, there are no more problems" i said to myself contentedly.

i felt divine and everlasting.

then i woke up and noticed i am late for work.
i buried into my warm sheets and desperately tried to get back to the place with the crystals.

i felt depressed and petty.


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Nov 14, 2011
2:21 AM EST
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