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Timelapse (WIP)

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Author Comments

Hi. This is an very early version of a new song. It is not meant to be a serious release. Please tell me honestly what you think. Thanks.

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So happy and cheerfull

i think i would fit quite well with really bright and happy themed game. It might also be good for a animation. Its that happy and cheerful its sicking, like if you ate too much chocalate or somthing but i guess that the stange appeal of it.

Technically i cant say anithing as everthing sounds tight as a nut.
Pretty good work dude


Really do like the galloping drum track, kind of makes me think of a certain Dead or Alive song actually. The tone of this song has a feel of kind of time traveling or possibly moving a forward a bit and getting a grip on life at the same time. The tune has a great quality to it though.

The synth has an icy grip to it but it also sounds very light in tune giving that feel of being overly happy to go and do things with your life. I guess a synth solo later into the song could also be cool as well. The bass here is solid and sounds very nice on the ears as it helps back up the synth here too.

The drums sound great and have a good rhythm too. Love the plastic sound I keep hearing as well, forgot what that part of the drum was called but that's alright. Loved the breakdown and calming area where it starts with a bass then adds in the synth and slowly brings back in the drums. It just sounds very nice right there. Gives a feel of you having found hope in an empty city.

Overall, incredibly calm trance beat, very nice.

Review Request Club

ochrence responds:

Good that you liked it! Speaking of Dead or Alive, I do enjoy myself some New Wave. Maybe I'll post some once I figure out how to sing without latency in FL Studio.
By "plastic sound", do you mean the rim of the drum? Also, later in the song, I'll definitely make a synth solo.
Thank you for the review!

kind of reminds me of old VG music

but god is this pitchy/ clippy Dx

Phobotech has a good point 29 seconds in killed my ears, and this is not trance; more like Video game/ Misc

I can see what you were going for here, and you're not far off from a good bonus stage tune or something like that for a videogame.

Things to take a second look at;
- Those pitchy parts need work (master/ eq away my friend)
- the melodies in this are okay, but kind of repetitive at points x.x
- The drums samples used here sound pretty fake/ midi-ish

overall not bad, but could use some fine tuning

-Review Request Club-

ochrence responds:

The harshness of :29 and pitchy parts can be easily fixed - I didn't really pay much mind to mixing/mastering as of yet. As can the melodies and drum samples - though it's hard to get better samples than those from a 707 and 909. Maybe I should have just equalized them better. I'm glad that you didn't think it was My Little Pony on acid.
Thanks for the review!

Edit: Changed the genre because I agree with you that it's more video game than trance. Especially in the first part.

I'm about to have a timelapse right NAO

I was about to get into it preparing to be soothed like the guy below me had worded, but when the ringtone of Powerpuff Death sliced through my eardrums at a mere 0:29 seconds in, I found it difficult to concentrate.

This isn't trance, it's just flamboyantly effeminate in the opening bit, and it does so at a frequency most appealing with, what I'm assuming to be, a younger audience...this is far too irritating and repetitive in my opinion. Like that backing, "1-2-3-4-5, repeat" bass line....boring.

The bass line DOES get interesting a few seconds before the 3 minute mark, but when the synths kick back in full-blown at 3:41, you can practically see the contrailing hearts and starts fly out of an animation, and we dive back into the goofy parts of the song.

It finally starts sounding jammable around 4:55...but lordy was it a treacherous, bright and colorful road to get here. Then that ending "bass fuckin' around" riff was just whack.

The tiny sliver of fun that I found in this song was completely drowned out by the heaps of the unappealing aspects of this song. Some parts were too shrill, or too goofy for my tastes. It ain't Trance exactly, because nothing about it is calming...well, except for that neat bit at 4:50 which was WAAYYYYY too short. Most everything else, save for the bassline at 3:00 was like My Little Pony on acid. Don't ask me how I'd know that...

Voted 3/5.

-Review Request Club-

ochrence responds:

Thank you for the review - I was hoping you guys would get around to it sometime. Sorry you didn't like it all that much though. Guess I was just trying to make a song in a major key, because just about none of my songs are in a major key, and it didn't really work.
The Trance genre didn't really pertain to it very much. It was meant to be kind of goofy, though - mind you, definitely not soothing or "flamboyantly effeminate" - but goofy. That's why I used pitch bend throughout instead of an actual set of new patterns. It was pretty experimental and I was actually expecting that everyone would hate it.
I'm glad you liked the 3:00 bass. I thought the 3:41 synth sounded kind of interesting, though...
The shrillness of this song and definitely that "bass fuckin' around" end riff that you described could be fixed very easily; however, the heart of the song cannot. If I abandoned pitch bend entirely and switched the bass pattern up sometimes, and changed the 3:41 synth as well as numerous synths in the beginning with appropriately serious-sounding ones, could it ever be good? In other words, are the patterns or the voices what is "flamboyantly effeminate"? PM me with the answer, if you get the time.
Otherwise, I'll just discard it. It's too faulted if that is true.
Great review, by the way, and absolutely up to the high standards of the Review Request Club. Thanks!


it sounds pleasantly soothing.

ochrence responds:

Thanks! Glad you liked it. It will probably be on my second album in some form.

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3.90 / 5.00

Nov 11, 2011
7:02 PM EST
Video Game
File Info
8.1 MB
5 min 55 sec

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