AirWolf 2005 (LoopMix)

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This is a little loopmix i made... It´s pretty cool, don´t ya think? :P

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I think it's pretty good too! Good job! :)
I like the positive energetic feel in this version!



this song is too fruity and boring. I dont like it at all.

DJ-Dajova responds:

Well, isnt a loopmix supposed to be short and fruity? xD

Very cool.

This is very cool sounding, very unique, I've never heard a song like this. You should've made it longer. 5/5 :)

DJ-Dajova responds:

Ty. I am working atm on the full version of this song. Just have paticense. U know, the more u can w8 for the song to be finnished, the more u can be certain that it will be good :D

I love reviewing loops :)

Then theres so much to comment about, since loops have to be complex, since they are short :D

Lets get right on, then. I really like the fact that you made it into a 3 stepper, adds a whole new 'triuphant' feel to it. Awesome.

About how it loops, I didn't really like how it loops, because you must have set it on 'leave remainder' when you exported it. When you make a loop, change that to 'cut remainder' then it will loop somewhat good :)

I really like the 3 stepped drums but I'd like to see them more diverse. Add some fills, add some kick rolls, some glitches, breaks, anything! Make them exciting!

I didn't really enjoy your arrangment too much... you had a 12 bar melody?
Try to think of arrangment as a way to make a song 'clean'. A normal short melody is 4 bars, a decent normal melody is 8, a long one is 16, and a long ass one is 32 and up. A 12 bar melody kind of throws off the whoe balance, and I could really feel the track so much as i would have been able to if i knew that a bass change was goin to happen after the 4th bar, but you made it happen at the 3rd or 5th bar. Kind of awkward, but its not as bad as i say it is, its just really really unique.

Other than these small things, i say make this loop into a full track. It would be very enjoyable to hear, and it would get everyones head bobbin :D

Awesome work!

PS: Can you check out my music? I've only got one up right now, but there will be more coming :) Thanks!

DJ-Dajova responds:

TY for the long review.

And yes, i know those little mistakes, except the melody... U know, the melody comes from a old tvshow, and this is my remix from that theme :D

And yes, I am working on the full version of this melody... It isn´t the same "hard"style as this 1, but it will be better than this :D

Hehe, i will be back with better work later on... I´m having many tips and such from great produsers, so i can just keeping better and better ;)

TY for the review and welcome again! :P


i personally didnt like it 2 much but since ur a lot better then i am i gave u a 10...i really like surreal Koopa though

DJ-Dajova responds:

Thank u matey :D I hope i can be even better in the future ;)

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Mar 16, 2006
8:03 AM EST
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