Luxomni - Cute And Fuzzy

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I dug up some of my old projects and found this one. The mastering is not all that good, so the quality may be a bit low. SORRY! Anyhoo, I hope you folks like it. Please RATE + REVIEW! =3

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nice sounds

song is good. good song.

I love how it doesn't sound 100% professional.

No offense. It's a compliment, really. You are able to appease my ears with such humble moderation. I really enjoy it when people can make something intrigue me -- even though it's not that complex, or having professional outlets. Sometimes I can enjoy laid back songs way more than professional works, for the simple works have this sense of voided aspects. You are able to add your own imagination, and fill-in the spaces that you left there through your simplicity. Forever more, you should understand that regardless of your interesting ability to evolve something so simple into something so interesting, and that it's not professional, that it remains unscatched in my terms of interpretative natures. The 5 I've given you is not because you are just a great person all in all, but because this song truly deserves a solid 5 for not being solid enough to be professional, but solid enough to create a world that doesn't need any complex professionalism.

It's everchanging, morphing, transient, evolution of time and space mixed with a sense of emptyness is what makes it so thick, and full of substance that a listener can dive right into.

Impressed, my friend. Keep on making music. I've already given up on my dreams to pursue something far more important to me. My obsession with human psychology, and the grander schemes of our world that is harboured by my philosophy.

This is somewhat irrelevant, but oh well. I'm working on a human formula to explain why humans interrelate with the world the way that they do:

Passion (+Faith - Selfishness) + Confidence + Happiness (- Fear + Humility + Courage) - Arrogance (+ Ignorance - Selflessness) - Pride/Anger + Sorrow = Why they react to the things the way they do, through their attributed virtues, influences, fears, and other things that can all come together to form an equation. Humans think that it cannot be possible to measure our emotions, but I wish to detest that it is indeed possible to read humans like books, that they are really nothing more but superior computers.

[My equation in worded form. Although, this is merely a rough draft. I have much more to expand on]

Passion is the root. Faith is what you believe in. Your selfishness corrupts your passion/faith. Confidence gives you the ability to believe in yourself aswell as what you believe in. Happiness is that sugar on top. Fear takes away what you want to achieve. Being able to accept humility from mistakes would lead to a
less corrupt foundation. Having courage is the strength to stand and face what challenges you. Arrogance is for when you think you're better than someone else; refusing to submit to your own ignorance. Ignorance allows you to accept that you can't do everything; to accept what you lack of. Selflessness is what devours you when you lose respect for yourself during pursuit of your goals. Pride is a destructive way to respect yourself. Anger latches onto pride. Sorrow is the healing spring that helps you see yourself once more; a mental sense of pain.

Again, I tip off my hat to you good sir. I really wish you came on MSN more often. Everyday I learn new things about this world, and I wish to share it with you along with casual greeting and to get to have an idea how your life is doing, and such.


Luxomni responds:

Thanks bro, this means a lot. And sorry I haven't been online as much as I used to - I got a lot of work to do and instrumental practice.


Lol, Pump Pro 2

thumbs up

very soft and relaxing great

its good

im i high rating person and this is ok just try to work a litttle harder

Luxomni responds:

Okay... what should I work on then?

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Nov 9, 2011
4:53 PM EST
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