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Riddickulous (WIP)

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Author Comments

Hi all, just a project I started a couple hours ago.

I'm submitting this as a work in progress because I need some feedback on this. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please leave a review!

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Glitchy, Hard, and Rediculous!

This is a pretty beastly song :]

I love how you managed to mash-up the newer dub-filthy sounds, with and almost happy-hardcore beat; this track reminded me of my man Scott Brown from the old bonkers compilations! SICK!

The driving beats, and repetitive melodies in this song were definitely enough to get my head bobbing, and I could see this song going offfff in a club...
my biggest complaint though...
It ended right when it was getting good :[

Things to look at:
- Make it longer :]

Overall; BEAST MODE!

~Dj Sonik
( Thanks for the recent review brodie, you rock! :] )

-Review Request Club-

Dj-GST responds:

Scott Brown :D I was just listening to a couple of his tracks, dudes amazing!

Haha yeah, I kind of ran out of ways to expand it, but I've gotten some great ideas from all these reviews :D

I will for sure!

No problem bro, you got some wicked tracks :D


Boss time

This sounds like it would make a great boss rave song actually and for that I truly enjoy it. Tune it a bit and make it longer and it will be even greater. Great rave piece right here though. Has a feel of having to get really fast to beat the boss too. Very nicely done.

The synth has a calm feel as if trying to inspire you to come up with a strategy to beat the boss quickly before it destroys you instead. The bass and drums make a nice combo here for a nice thick thump, thump, thump sound while the synth and guitar synth play together to make a chaotic boss symphony.

Where did the voices come from anyways?

Overall, very fast and wickedly done song. Sounds awesome!!

Review Request Club

Dj-GST responds:

Hell yeah, this would be perfect for a boss battle :D

There's no guitar bro, the bassline and lead were done in 3xOSC, sampled, and then distorted. Though, guitar would definitely go good with this track!

The vocals came from this "112 Vocal samples" pack that I downloaded. The guy said that they're from some RPG. Though, they didn't sound like that originally, I used a vocoder and white noise to give them that demonic effect.

Thanks bro! glad you liked this!


Very repetitive

Thump, thump, thump - throw in a synth or two, fade out, thump, thump, thump.

The robotic voice was good and a little creepy, though as this piece is a work in progress, I think that it's a good thing, as it shows that there is more stuff required, to take this to the next level. Variation, for example.

It's a good loop, but I think that there are things in there that can be expanded upon. The synths that you danced around with at one stage can be expanded quite a bit, to give you a lot more artistic freedom, while still remaining within the artistic constraints of the genre, I feel.

The bass beat is a little boring, but you've done some things to help combat that, by changing away from a simple repetitive beat and have thrown different combinations and tempos in there. Perhaps another instrument or two on the bass side could give you a different outlook on the track as it grows?

It's good, but it's not quite there yet.

[Review Request Club]

Dj-GST responds:

Yeah, I agree. I do need to add quite a bit more to this.

I'm gonna try and stereoize the bassline a bit more, to make it sound fatter.

Yeah, I'm gonna be adding quite alot to the drums, as well as alot more glitchy variation.

Thanks for the review man!

Fuck yea.

First impression listening to this took me on a journey.
0:00-0:10 : "Okay...sounds broken."
0:11-0:12: (DON'T BE RIDICULOUS.) "...wha?"
0:13-0:23: (head progressively begins to head bang with it.) me going >:C "yeah."
0:24-and onward had me ensnared, already decided I liked it a lot. Punch dancing violently while going >:O

I'm usually pretty picky about what trance, techno, house, dubstep I listen to, and can easily be annoyed by little nuances...but there's some strange guilty pleasure with.....whatever kind of genre this is.... it's dirty, and slutty, and raw, and I fucking like it. It's like the Strapping Young Lad of the club. Voted 5.

-Review Request Club-

Dj-GST responds:

Thanks bro!

I'm not sure exactly what genre this is, it sounds like it's in between Gabber and Hardcore.

Glad you liked it man!


Sounds great, got some potential.

Sounds really cool. Its got a lot of body to it too which is nice. I like your use of synths in this, it really fits the song. Really nice feel to it. IT sounds great so far, can't wait to hear what it'll fully turn into. My only suggestion is maybe turn down that clap, I think that is, a little bit, it sounds like it's a little too high. Just a little bit lower and it should be good, but that's just my idea. Anyway, nice song.

Great Job.

Dj-GST responds:

Thanks bro!

Your suggestion to remove those limiter really helped, gonna keep doing that in my next tracks!

Yeah, the clap's a bit too loud, I'll fix that shit.

Glad you liked this bro!


Credits & Info


4.50 / 5.00

Nov 9, 2011
5:22 AM EST
File Info
3.3 MB
1 min 27 sec

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Please contact me if you would like to use this in a project. We can discuss the details.