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BCT Winter Battles Hype Track

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My Hype Track for BigRed's Winter Battles!

Let me know what you think. I'm really excited for this competition. Constructive Feedback helps me out a lot. Thanks to anyone who's given me advice in the past, I think it's really helping me to improve.


*Beat by Team Dix


Im new on the scene
A human being
With rhymes and flow
Making u green
Envy me
Cuz You can see
That I'm the king to be

You think I'm kiddin
Huh, well probly
Cuz killing silly rappers aint my job
It's just a hobby
And really I'm sure after you get topped
You'll all be sobbing
I'm puttin down these dawgs one at a time
And I ain't stopping

So watch me

Win this thing so easy like I'm cheating
Best believe me, I'm defeating anybody whos competing

You think youre better?
You're never clever.
Ive seen the competition
Winning wont take any effort
It's like you're just beginning bitch
And I'm the fucking expert
In fact you're probably offended
That I use the F word

take my hype track for whatever it is
And stay outta my way or forever get dissed
I said I bring these suckers down into a scary abyss
So By the time I'm finished you gon need a good therapist

When I'm on the mic it's obvious that imma kill it
I kill everybody you can call me skrillex
u see to me, rapping ain't a right its just a privilege
So learn to write a decent punch line, THEN worry bout ur image

I'm sick of posers talkin shit
And saying they're amazing
imma stick to murderin
The prey that im engaging
You should quit cuz bitch
I think I've done enough explaining
Your boring and you suck
And you're not slightly entertaining


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FRESH! lessthanthree the Skrillex line. Well played sir.

BummerCityTown responds:

Thanks Gas! <3

pretty sick actually im so...

...tired of hearing people rapping like there super black or hard man im fucking white and was born in Memphis Tn in the blackest area and i still talk proper and i was the damn minority getting my ass whipped everyday by multiple assholes who couldnt go one on one cuz they were pussies gotta hide behind there friends i digress tho i dont think it was weak at all id like to see InvasiveInsomniac post a response to this since he clearly is so much better right InvasiveInsomniac? "I'd laugh if I was up against you to be honest" this guy wrote a pretty good post but man hes proly sum lil punk keyboard warrior who cant rap his way out of a wet papper bag! keep it up bro i like your flow i dont know if youll win the comp but your good keep getting better and youll get there


ps: oOoOo did you get permission what a lame ass if Rama told you he wanted it down im sure you wouldve took it down since it was still up he shouldve been aware that most likely you got with him i guess hes not that clever LOL

BummerCityTown responds:

Hahaha. Thanks for the support man. Really appreciate it. Im Glad you liked it. Im trying to improve with every song i make. Go check out my battle on HDC's page if you'd like. Theres some good stuff over there. :)
Thanks again for the the review Aokomo!


ORIGINAL! I fux with it.. your being yourself and you don't sound like you trying to imitate somebody else's swag. Respect


BummerCityTown responds:

Thanks for the support TheEyeOfMusik! Means a lot.


When you asked Rama for this song, he clearly stated that you weren't allowed to use it as it was for commercial use (for money) only. Meaning that you would have to buy the beat before you were allowed to use it.

Did you end up buying this beat?

Now, as for your rapping. Yes, this track has a wicked beat, thanks to Rama. Your timing is fairly spot on, and your flow is pretty clean.

However, this track is weak. If I was in this competition, I'd laugh if I was up against you to be honest. You really need to work on how hard your punches are. Listening to this made me feel like I was being insulted by a 14 year old, with insults no stronger than;

"Your boring and you suck
And you're not slightly entertaining"

and; "stay outta my way or forever get dissed".

Seriously, as a rapper, what do I care if I forever get dissed? Bring out those hard punches, make these guys scared of their future battles against you.

Yes, the lyrics were quite clever. But they just didn't have that much needed "hype" in a "hype track". I understand you were sick, and I honestly can't wait to see what you bring to the scene.

As for mixing, a little more low end in your voice please.

And my last bit of constructive criticism is; please for the love of Hip-Hop, don't do that gay voice again, especially in your outro of this song.

Overall, nice track, nice spit. Tweak what I've told you to, and you'll go far in this competition.

Keep it up BCT, nice to see you on the scene.


BummerCityTown responds:

Thanks man! It helps me a lot to hear what I need to improve. You can tell by looking at my older tracks in comparison to my newer ones. :)

I had already upoaded this by the time Rama responded, I was super bored from being stuck in the house for the last few days, and pretty impatient. I sent him a PM saying I'd purchase the beat, He said he was actually fine with me using it.

Lol and the gay voice is pretty funny, IMO. Im not trying to be some hard gangster hip hop guy. You know? Just wanna be me. Maybe make some people laugh.

Thanks again man,


some true dope shit right here.

BummerCityTown responds:

Damn straight bud! Let's get it!

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Nov 6, 2011
3:56 PM EST
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