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HT || Not So Suspenseful

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Author Comments

First go at house...not good.

Need some pointers :)

kthxbai x

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This is just wow. I'm adding this to my soundtrack.
>Not So Suspenseful
Ghosts N Stuff
Harder Better Faster Stronger


HyperTrough responds:

Thanks very much! Appreciate it greatly!

First try? Lies!

Nah, I'm not buying that this is your first try. It sounds fine to me, so stop beating yourself up and ride the music that you have with you. The piece works wonderfully and with the exception of the high pitched sound you've got acting as a melody, I'd say it all works well.

Perhaps looking at the structure of the tune around something like verse - chorus - verse - chorus, you can work something else into it and get the variation when you need it, while coming back to the tried and tested chorus lines, to get away from the more radical areas of the experimentation.

Certainly a piece packed with potential, I'd like to hear more and see how you can take this forward. Things like vocals could be used to improve the layout of the piece, because the occasional vocal sample can make all the difference to the sound, because it draws the ear away from the tune, subtly.

[Review Request Club]

HyperTrough responds:

Thanks for pointing those aspects out! :) I've been meaning to use vocals in my songs for agessss. Never gotten round to properly trying it. :P lol

Anyway, thanks for the positive constructive feedback :) Much appreciated

I completely disagree, This is WONDERFUL :D

I love the way you organized this track, everything sounds nice and housey!

Your drums are perfect; nice, driving, and deep;
Your leads sound sick, and the mixing is very nice all around.

I think you are off to a great start, and for your first house work; holyshitballs dude! :D

Take a second look at:
- The lead changes notes @ 1:08-1:10, and this seems to clash a bit; maybe change this note to bit better?
- The mastering could be a bit more pure sounding, but for now this isn't bad :]

Great Work HT!

-Review Request Club-

HyperTrough responds:

Thanks for your positive comments again mate! Really appreciate these reviews :)

I did think the mix needed work, but I couldn't fit everything in nicely. I read the beatport article on a guide to progressive house and apparently high passing everything individually is the way to go. I couldn't be bothered though hahaha.

Thanks again for your thoughts ;D


Very cool, very chill. I think you're really onto something cool here, I just wish the ride didn't end so quickly...but it's very easy to get into what little we can hear.

No shit, at 1:28, I began snapping a rhythm that perfectly matched the kick drums that came in a few seconds later. I was made stoked that your song had that kind of accessibility where the listener could pick right up on it.

I only have two complaints. My first? That sound...riff?...that comes in at 2:01 is alright AT FIRST, but gets very annoying very quickly. It's too shrill...it sounds like an autotuned sampling of Miss Piggy screaming, and it overstays its welcome after only two or three measures. It needs to become something not as annoying, and something more cool and flowing like how it began. But that sound hurt it's score from my perspective.

My second complaint? The entire song is about three or four minutes too short. It needs to be longer sir! Give us more! Have this song take us on a journey! It's "Not So Suspensful" don't make it "Not So Climactic" too :P

HyperTrough responds:

Lol. Thank you so much for your very thoughtful review. :)

I think I'm going to start making a few more house tracks. I really like getting creative with chord progressions, but finding good sustained samples and presets is hardest part. Making your own is simple enough, but they never turn out "good". :/ hahaha FMLLLL

Once again, thanks for your thoughts x)

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Nov 5, 2011
7:18 AM EDT
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