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This is Nightmare Night (OM)

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Author Comments

This is Nightmare Night (Octavia Mix)

I worked so hard to get this done in time for Halloween. Barely made it in the Eastern US....
A remix of an unnamed song found in the beginning of the fourth episode of season 2.

Happy Nightmare Night!

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Yeah, I have stuff to do, so I just second what everyone else said. xD

Ohhh man, I really hoped to hear a Spooky Tune :D

You Mr. Bellmaker almost never disappoint with your compositions, and when I saw that you had done a spooky one for halloween I almost jumped out of my chair with excitement :]

Right from the get go, I love the bell samples used. The plucks that come in shortly after really bring that mischievous feeling into the mixture, and the subtle Creepy Piano samples that follow really seal the deal! :D

I love the overall feeling of this piece, You've really captured Halloween within this song... I could honestly imagine this being on TV it's so good :/

I can't really say that I would change a damn thing about this song buddy; looks like you've got this one in the bag :]

Excellent work!

-Review Request Club

TheBellmaker responds:

Haha I'm glad you enjoyed my latest piece. I'm thinking I'm going to stick to classical music from now on :D

Inspired by Greig?

Hmm, in the opening, this piece sounds a lot like In The Hall Of The Mountain King and the dominant riff sounds like a variation of it. Not that I'm complaining, as you've made it sound good and it still retains some very spooky qualities to it

I think that you've perhaps made it a little quiet in the bridges between the booming chorus lines and for that, there can only be one solution, which logically is increasing the volume. The piano is a wonderful addition to it all and given that the contrast is so spectacular, it could stand to be a longer piece, to make the whole piece have the maximum impact.

I think that there is a long way for this piece to go - it can certainly be found a home during the festivities of Halloween, but other than that, it can have uses, since a lot of people enjoy a good horror movie or game these days. In that case, the tune is very versatile, though I'd possibly enhance the percussion there, as it can be as hard hitting as the inspiration - the deathly crashes of cymbals can really rouse people from their seats in terror.

[Review Request Club]

TheBellmaker responds:

Interestingly enough, this piece was inspired by another jingle, which probably was originally inspired by Greig.

Increasing volume, eh? That mean's I'd have to do some compression, which I honestly haven't tried before. That is an interesting idea.....

Thanks very much for the review. T'was very helpful!

Flows well!

Wow this isn't bad at all. I like the melody and your interpretation of it is absolutely wonderful. The atmosphere is nicely done and the song flows and progresses really well. Certain aspects could use some work, but the song's flow is so great that I can hardly care... Good work!

Like I said in the intro, the song's flow is what impressed me the most. You must have quite a bit of experience making orchestral songs because it reflects in the production value of this song. The song has a very smooth progression and the transitions are all excellently done.

The entrances and introductions of new instruments worked very well and none were abrupt. For instance, I love how introduced the pizzicato strings at 0:13. At 0:26 I was also very much impressed. You changed the staccato string rhythm in the background while at the same time adding a simple melodic line on the piano. It worked very well. I could go on and on praising your transitional skills but I don't think I should :D.

Regarding instrumentation... The busier parts which incorporate a fuller use of the orchestra were used sparingly but work very well. I'm hearing a deep Double Bass (?) playing in the background for a lot of the song and I just wanted to say that it was a very nice touch. I would've liked to see some more use of brass instruments.

The atmosphere and theme are definable and likable. Even during the more action-filled orchestral parts the theme can be heard very clearly, and the atmosphere is full of classic Halloween goodness. However, I think using some more elements of the orchestra which provoke tension would work well. Some violin scratching, brass clusters, Tam-Tams, tremolo strings, string trills, etc... would be SWEET.

The structure is pretty much excellent and I really don't have any complaints. Not only did the flow help to make the transitions more smooth but it helped give the song a solid structure. The variety is also brilliant. Not one part in the song was boring and yet with all that variety, the song kept a consistent theme which stopped it from being random. All the dynamics helped too - the occasional percussion hits, subtle and brief entrances of different instruments, cymbal rolls and fade-ins made all the difference.

The intro was one of my favourite parts of the track. The glockenspiel, or whatever that is, played a simplistic melody which got the song started rather nicely. You then faded the strings in and I started getting a taste of the fantastic progression that the song has. The second half of the song wasn't as good as the first in my opinion. The ending was decent. It was a good idea to end with the instrument you used at the beginning and while the ending didn't strike me as much as the beginning, it wasn't bad...

My main complaint would be the mixing and instrument quality. Don't get me wrong, the instruments certainly didn't sound bad and are leagues better than most orchestral instruments I hear on NG, but some of the sounds you used sound a bit weird, mainly the choirs and percussion. And like I said, some things like violin scratching and stuff would make this feel more like it's played by a real orchestra and not obviously sequenced.

However, as I said the instrument quality is pretty good in any case. My main gripe is the mixing, especially on the percussion. The percussion feels very drowned out and subdued, namely the bass drum. I think a bit more focus on the percussion would help to make the busier parts sound more full of tension. That said, I think your use of cymbals was great.

The other mixing is alright, and despite having a lot of string instruments playing at the same time, the melody is still clear and easy to hear. However I can't help but think that the high end was a little neglected in this track.

Overall, this is a really awesome remix. I have a few gripes with it, but it's very enjoyable and the effort certainly paid off. Keep it up!

By the way, don't feel obliged but I'd love it if you could review me back!
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/451318


-Review Request Club-

TheBellmaker responds:

Thanks for the honest and well thought out review!

Basically in this song I wanted to imitate the feeling of "This is Halloween," nothing too dark, but still in the spirit of Halloween. Thus, I didn't use any brass, because I felt it didn't fit the theme.

Haha, you pointed out my two weaknesses, mixing and percussion. I haven't learned any mixing outside of basic EQing, filters, and volume adjustments. As for percussion, My limited knowledge combined with my limited instrument selection usually doesn't turn out well. I'd also like to insert those epic string instrument tricks, but Edirol makes them sound....horribly.

Now for some information actually useful to you. I definitely like the style of the review you have! Grouping different subjects in different paragraphs is a good idea. However, you may want to consider grouping some of the subjects together, like structure and flow, so that you do not accidentally repeat yourself.

Thanks very much!

It's amazing!

I'm always impressed by people who can compose music set to a certain theme, and not only is this one using a well-placed, different sounds throughout the song, but also creates this amazing Halloween vibe! Mischievous, yet friendly, almost 'Nightmare before christmas' like. It's beautiful!
A review from your friend that knows shit about music terminology.

TheBellmaker responds:

Thanks for the review! I'm glad you liked my Halloween piece because it's actually my first attempt at this theme.

Credits & Info

4.60 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2011
11:08 PM EDT
File Info
4 MB
2 min 57 sec

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