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Artisan Land

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Author Comments

This isn't the first song I've ever made, but it's the first one I made for NG so don't be mean (but don't be too easy either)!

I have a love for the PSX Spyro games and I wanted to make a tune that sounded a little bit like something you would hear in the second game (Ripto's Rage). I'm in love with the organs and bells - I think that's what really gives it the "Spyro" feel. If you've played any of the PSX games, tell me what you think :). If you haven't, feel free to comment about what you like/dislike.

PS: The song has nothing to do with the level "Artisan's Home", haha.

- Emma

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This was a very interesting take on Spyro. I've always loved the PS1 :D Spyro is one of those memorable games that should've stayed classic. I personally can't stand all of the sequels, haha. I really liked this. You seem to be already producing quality sounds. Why did you only make 2 songs? Grr... >_>

Very nice, cheery and overall it is like stepping into that enchanted world of Spyro's.

The bass is a bit rough for me. : ( I do wish it was less intrusive. Overall. I enjoyed it. :D

Oh goodness, deary me, the PSX Spyro games are among my favorite games of all time, with one of the most memorable soundtracks I've ever heard. Spot-on homage to the incredible series. If you ever decide to make another song along these lines, I'd certainly love to hear it.

Emma responds:

I love the games also! Copeland is a musical genius given what he had at the time. His style is extremely hard to match. But, I might try another song sometime! Maybe even one based on Crash Bandicoot!

You hit the nail on the head

I'm a HUGE fan of Copeland's score for the Spyro PSX games. The cartoony thematic material, light, eccentric drums, organ and mallet/bell percussion, ambient padding is very reminiscent of the music in the Spyro games. Definitely would fit perfectly with the soundtrack for Spyro 2-3 where Copeland expanded the instrumentation palette in his pieces. It could be a replacement for one of the home-world tracks in Spyro 3 (which I found to be lacking in energy).

The composition is perfect. Catchy, good use of repetition, and development and sequencing of patterns. To me it invokes feelings of playfulness, lightheartedness, and comic mischief (flame those sheep!) It even loops seamlessly. I love the meshing of the acoustic guitar and vibraphone melodies. The breakdown with the rotary B3 organ was awesome, and the rhythmic chord stabs after was a great touch leading back into the introduction. The bassline is funky and produces a great groove and the electric piano has some interesting riffing over the top. I like the varied and well layered shaker percussion lines.

DAT INSTRUMENTATION. Lovely rhodes piano, sweet ethnic percussion, nice bubbly synth bass, again DAT B3 ORGAN. The release on the vibraphones is perfectly modeled. And the background ambiance....not only does it sound authentic, it actually develops and changes along with the music!

The mixing/levels are very clear. All the instruments are well distinguishable, good use of stereo and panning, creates a good contrast. I also like how the piece isn't overly compressed and over-saturated in effects.

So I can't find anything wrong with this piece honestly, but I still give it a 9 because it doesnt exactly have that killer melody (like the frozen altars level) or an extra-exotic instrumentation (like Sheila's lair). Perhaps the section after the break could be extended an extra 8-16 bars to make it more symmetrical to the intro-first verse area; but like I mentioned above, since it loops into the intro unoticeably it doesnt really matter. It may be able to use more variation in overall dynamics. Another technique worth exploring (not necessarily in this piece) is simply transposing all your instruments up or down for a good 8 bars or so. Copeland would use this technique quite a bit in his Spyro tracks to elongate them while not actually changing much.

Very good job, I'm interesting in hearing more from you for sure!

Emma responds:

Thank you very much for your well-thought out response! I really appreciate the detailed critique :)! I think Copeland is a musical genius when it comes to simple pieces. I'm extremely fond of his use of metal and electric guitars, but, I highly doubt anyone could match his perfect usage of them in the songs. I may attempt more similar pieces (hopefully longer) in the future! I recently received Apple Logic Pro for Christmas, so once I get more used to it's interface - which is much different from FL Studio - I will make another attempt and hope you will critique that one as well!

Thanks again :)

- Emma

This is it! ;)

well i liked it, sounds familiar like one of psx spyro's game soundtrack, and i love tunes like that, especially in spyro's 1-3 soundtracks. a bit to short but since it can be repeatable it can complement it ;) good work ;D

Emma responds:

Haha, you even have it in your name! But, thanks :). It was definitely meant to match the first of the series, so I'm glad you could hear that!

- Emma


I can definitely see myself playing a game to this. It's got rhythm, it's atmospheric and the instruments used compliment it well.

Emma responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

- Emma

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4.40 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2011
12:41 PM EDT
Video Game
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1.8 MB
1 min 21 sec

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