~Stavier~ Dancing In Ecstasy

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UPDATE: I fixed the mastering & stuff a little bit for some of the instruments. I would've been able to do even better, but sadly, I only have the demo version of Maximus in FL Studio
It took awhile, but I finally did it. I finished this song, which I was gonna call Bliss & Ecstasy, but it sounds too happy for this particular song. I tried to go for a sorta DDR song here like I did with my older songs, Euphoric Orbit, Sea Voyage, & Solar Energy. It's also been kinda awhile since I made a Dance song, but I think it sounds pretty good. Just imagine yourself playing DDR with some anime girl or whatever dancing on the screen & the background goes from like the bottom of the ocean to space & stars. I also mastered the song & did whatever I had too do to make the song good. If anyone wants to remix this or somethin', then just send a message or watever :D Pleez rate fairly, review, download, & enjoy!!!!!!!




I'm goona get started!

The intro starts out good. Real good. The only thing i have against iit is that it is a bit too high. The thing that sounds like a cymbal I mean. I would adjust the EQ. Maybe it's just me though, I don't see anyone else complaining lol.

I'm liking the chords you are doing in the after the intro part that I've complained about. speaking of, The part when the bass comes in is awesome as well. Idk the name of that synth, but it sounds awsome. It's composed well too. One of those sound like Echo and Rain Drop to me!

I notice the strings in the bg from time to time. Like that you used dynamics on them. Sometimes I can barly hear them so other parts can be heard lol.

The song is well done, but my the eq highs should come down some!

Nice song! Keep it up!

(ClimbLadders) 5/5

Stavier responds:

Thanx man. Yeah, the hi-hats may sound weird, but that's cuz I also added an echo/delay FX to it. Im glad you noticed the synth echoed, I did try to make it echo with some small delay. Glad you liked the bass, just a simple Digi bass with a sub bass added to it. Yeah, the strings were a little hard to work with when it came to usin them cuz I had to replace the VST since the other ones were makin some kinda white noise fx or somethin. Thanx for the review!!!

I'm going to try something new here...

>>I'm going to do a live review. As the song goes I'll try to write what i think =]<<

(0:01)Sick so far man...
(0:10)Intro is great!
(0:19)The kick is a little hard on the ears.
-------"kick and piano" combo is awesome!
(0:35)Great bassline, simple, but I like it, Its an upbeat intro.
(1:00)Breakdown is sick! Claps are really cool, not like anything I've heard before, and the pads are a great!

(1:40)...WOW! that drop came out of nowhere, took me by surprise, BUT I LOVE IT!
--------Great synths and samples really nice.

(2:23)Aw yeah, now its getting great. Love that little plucked thing in the back, nice touch.
(2:36)THE strings add for some depth too.
--------So far I'm liking the variety in here.

*and where only half way through*

(3:07)I like that bell-pad or whatever you got. nice sound.
(3:58)Some kind of whiny guitar sound, love that thing.
--------it's goofy =P

>>>See now, there was a short pause... then an up-sweep... the drop was a little lacking<<<
(Maybe have the drop happen right when the sweep ends, so there is no pause after it...)

Also check your autimation clips, could change too sharply (That makes my drop eff up sometimes)

(5:00)You have a lot of sounds going here, sounds busy.
(5:25)Now the sweep seemed to have gotten rid of some of the sounds, (ahhh, that's better)
That clap is a little harsh...maybe muffle it a bit, or lower the volume?


Overall: Loved this tack, your really branching out and your dong a good job!

In general, I'd say work on your mastering/ volume control =/


Keep up the good work =]

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Stavier responds:

Nice, never had a live reivew before. In fact, no one is usually specific on my songs when it comes to times & such. Yeah, I added like 4 kicks :P I'm glad you liked that small transitioning there. Glad you liked the pluck, I just added that in for some variation. That synth at 3:07 is my favorite thing ever!!!! That guitar is somethin' I learned from this one tutorial. I figured using a more guitar sounding thing would be kinda eehhh so I went for somethin' more synth guitar-ish. I get what you mean by that drop, Imma edit the song and the mastering a little just so I can fix that up cuz I noticed some stuff are louder then others here & there. I did make the clap kinda hard in this song too, I forgot to edit before rendering so yeah :D Thanx for the review & imma update it as soon as I can!!!

Good Listen

I enjoyed listening to this piece. The chords and sounds used were great. I also enjoy a well constructed piece of progressive music. I say good job sir, keep up the work.

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Stavier responds:

Thanx you very much. I tried experimenting with new sounds with Sytrus, Harmless, & more. I tried hard to make it good. Thanx for the review!!!

Who's the asshole going around giving 1s and 0s?

This is a nice dance song and it didn't deserve what it got. Here's 5.61 juicy votes for ya telling that guy to get a dildo for Christmas and go fuck himself.

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Stavier responds:

HAHA, that just made my day :D Thanx dude!!!

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