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ElectroFusion -DrX-

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Author Comments

This is a piece ive worked on a time limit but i did work pretty hard on it ;O

one of my friends asked me to do a music for her because she entered a pro competition for dancers and amateur dj's so i gladly accepted i did my best :P and she got tied with another one ;O

so they got me a pretty nice score ;O

but i wanted 2 upload it after the semi finals xP so here it is hope u like it and do rate and review :D

Genre-Kuduro/Electro :D

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Good beat

A well conceived piece, with a nice beat and a decent melody, though I would suggest that it requires a little more, since without the bass, it would be quite tame and even with that said, the bass drowns out the melody a little.

As a 3 minute track, this piece is good, though i would suggest more variation and a melodic solo of some sort would be a very useful addition, to give the piece a bit more form and take it away from the bass line. The outro is very good, though I would suggest as variation goes, it was too little, too late.

I'm encouraged by the sound of this tune and I'd like to hear more, so see if there is anything more you can come up with and hit us with more of your tunes.

[Review Request Club]

DavidRx responds:

i had to do this track kinda fast ;o and
due to time limit i kinda forgot about the solo Dx
and i ussualy focus the song by the bass which is a bit lame on my part :P i feel really comfortable with bass frequencies and a bit of treble :p but thats it xD

;D thx dude and if you rly mean it take a look at my other tracks i got some that are pretty identical to this type of tune
and i got others that are what u call ''test tunes'' trying too push up my familiarity with other types and frequencies of mastering xD

thx for the review :D


Well this feels like a pretty cool dance beat and I really enjoy it as well. Not quite sure what Kuduro is sadly. Care to explain that anyways? The beat is pretty sick and makes you feel like dancing calmly while enjoying the light show on stage that the artist has got going for people. The tune is pretty cool though so I enjoy it.

The synth has a little bounce in it as it repeats and goes up and down in rhythm making it stay calm feeling the whole time. Then the aquatic backup bass gives a feel of rising up too. The constant rising feel of the song feels like an illusion on the ears and I really enjoy that too. The drums here are also very cool and calm in rhythm. The bass is lingering in the back and helping this beat move forward nicely, great work there.

Overall, a very calm dancing styled song. I enjoy it.

Review Request Club

DavidRx responds:

kuduro is really close to the reggaeton beat if u analyze the beat ull see it has resemblance to it...its ussualy slow paced hard and sensual beat :P
but i thought of mixing it up with synths keeping the beat and adding a bit more electro :D

i ussualy do music for earphones changing the pan all the time or so on :p
i really focused on atmo on this track keeping a nice reverb and giving it a long distance from the beat :3

and thx for the review ure comments are ussualy the most fun to read and analyze the song with cuz u ussualy compare the song with feelings :D and thats
awesome :3 thx


The intro was great in this song for starters; I loved how nicely you gradually brought the instruments into dominance, and the ambiance surrounding sounds really nice as well! The leads you chose for this song seemed to fit very nicely, well done! :D

I liked the driving beats, and the dance feel that you generated here :)

Things I would take a seconds look at:
- Your transitions were a bit confusing, and I had trouble telling what was coming next
- This song got a bit repetitive after the first 2 minutes, and I was pretty disappointed that you didn't really change it up much.
- Mixing sounds good, but a bit distant? Bring it forward a bit more maybe?

Overall not bad but could use some things

-Review Request Club-

DavidRx responds:

ive always liked calm intros with a bit more atmo as piano and strings and such :P

i tried 2 make the transitions a bit guessing because i find it a bit plain putting it as and expected whats going 2 come next but i have done it in some other pieces just tryed something new from my line of music

the repetition is because of the standard dance track of kuduro that my friend wanted in the track for her dance, BUT if i decide 2 work a bit more on this track takeing away the limitations i shall do that :P

xP altho the distant sounds i wanted 2 give it more atmo all the time like a magic atmo but keeping the root :3

thx for the review :D

Quite Good

nice song, i wouldnt really classify this fully as "dance" but more "trance" or "electronic", nice synths, bit repetitive and little build-ups but then again its trance.

nice work 8/10

DavidRx responds:

XP well i did kinda correct that on my commentary xp

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4.70 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2011
8:14 AM EDT
File Info
7.3 MB
3 min 13 sec

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