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Fanfare d'Imperion

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Author Comments

I originally intended for this to be my NG CD Collab. piece, but a better piece came along in the time between the WIP of this and the end of the collab, so here's this one for your ears.

This is really one of my favorite pieces so far... it's rather dark and powerful.

Please give constructive criticism if possible... or at least tell me why you hated/loved it so I can improve.

Thanks for listening!

P.S. Whoever zero-bombed this twice... please either post a review why you think this should get a zero or man up... this is the real world- mature individuals do not intentionally hurt the works or selves of others just because they want to get higher on the list. ;)

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It has a nice sound.

I like the feel you gave this song since it can have different meanings depending on how you look at it. Utter defeat. Or a glorious victory.

I like the flute, but the other instruments you used really shone once or twice each and all helped the song in their own ways, but I would've liked to hear a clarinet or ocarina instead of a flute. I don't know why since the flute worked really well, but I just wanted to hear those instruments instead.

The trumpets also worked well and I think you did a good job with them and the rest of the brass ensamble.

Anyways, great piece. It really has kind of an epic feel that works so well. Keep up the good work!

<Review Request Club>

samulis responds:

Hmm... I generally ignore the rest of the woodwinds and much of the strings as a brass-lover and trombone player (I know, don't touch what we fear, eh?), but I'll look into incorporating these instruments in the future. I liked the mysterious feel the flute offered at the beginning and I do think it might be interesting to bring in more woodwinds later on.

Thanks for the review!

Roman feeling

Reminds me of older movies with Romans and they usually had these kind of themes playing at different times as well. Sometimes even during a montage of training clips showing them trying to become a better person and warrior or maybe them simply spiraling into madness and lunacy with delusions put into their mind by other warriors and royal people. Very nicely done song. I like the title as well. Gives a feel this song is them simply leaving it all behind until they are ready to come back.

The drums are great and I like how they give a dynamic battle feel as if getting ready for a huge battle in the later part of their lifetime which they must deal with. The flute gives a feeling of calmness and serenity as they seek answers as to who they must become to solve all of their problems and then hopefully that of others as well too.

The trumpets and trombones give a feel of them being on an epic quest looking for answers too.

Overall, very beautifully composed song.

Review Request Club

samulis responds:

Thanks for the insight... I love it that everyone has slightly different ideas on the symbolism and relevance of the piece. I never thought of the juxtiposition of the flute and horns in such a way, but it makes great sense. :)

Very nice :D

This piece has a very nice, clean, and clear sound to it! I really love the driving March-style percussion; the bells sound really great :]

The melodies are superb in this piece, and I was actually reminded of the music from Fable. The flutes you used sound great, and complement everything else in the song very well! You obviously put a fair amount of work into this composition.

I honestly hear very few flaw in this, and me only major suggestion would be to make it a bit longer!

Great work dude!

-Review Request Club-

samulis responds:

Believe it or not, this is actually the longest piece I have written in several months... I generally write short pieces now it seems.

Thanks for the review. :)

Roman, with a touch of the orient

I see this piece as being the tale of what remains of a Roman Legion marching home from the front - the conditions of this march are unclear, they could be defeated, but they could also be victorious, such is the ambiguity of the piece. It could lead into a piece of mourning, as the troops finally pause for reflection on their slain brethren, or conversely to a piece of joy, as the empire expands, with these veterans returned from a long tour of duty, back to the motherland, where they will be treated with dignity and fealty by all of Rome.

I think that you've got a real talent for writing this sort of thing and with the addition of the flute, you have a sound that to me is very reminiscent of the oriental sounds, as per in games such as Dynasty Warriors, where similar fates have befallen armies over there. The balance is neat and the steady drum beat is almost a march pace, though I can see there is a great deal of symbolism in the work, as we listen carefully.

Good use of percussion and brass, though the use of the flute was a little questionable for me, perhaps because it conjured up imagery from elsewhere. It might just be me, though.

[Review Request Club]

samulis responds:

I'm suprised it has such a feel... I was actually thinking of an even older age when I wrote it... considering early Mesopotamian culture (e.g. Babylon, Sumer, etc.) with the addition of later ages to give a sort of 'evolution' feel. As you near the end (the middle bit when the snare comes in), you hit a more modern approach to music that could be symbolic of another change. The flute then comes in and ushers back that original theme.

Since many reviews mention a Romanesque or even Oriental theme, I'll look into theme oppirtunities.

Thanks for the review. :)

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4.40 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2011
3:19 PM EDT
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3 min 5 sec

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