DenX - The Legionary

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Hey NG!
And again i'm here to present my latest Song of my new Project: "The Legionary"!
I worked hard on this Song in the past few Days to get this finished and now it's out.

Some of you asked me to make a song like 'Scion' only a bit faster and with some more doublebass in it.
Fact is that i can't make a song which is quite similar or even the same as 'Scion' but at least i tried to get a similar feeling.
I thought this is a great chance to prove that i accept suggestions/wishes from the community and here is the result: The Legionary!

Stay tuned!

PS.: Suggestions, Wishes, Reviews as well as Comments would be desirable.

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The only bad part is the beginning. Everything else is amazing! (P.S. The beginning isn't HORRIBLE but I'm just kinda not into the beginning.)

Wow pretty good

And once i again i voted 5/5 and 10/10 however i think the voices need some noise reduction and the keyboard on the back need some coordination. The song itself is quite awesome. Are you using the east west instruments like voices of passion and ministy of rock or are they real instruments? I know the lead guitar is fake but sounds quite good anyways. The drums sound like EZ drummer lol.

lhceist41 responds:

Actually i'm doing a lot with the East West QL Programs.
The drums are neither EZ nor EastWest ;)

I wish I could be more helpfull but ...

I am usually sceptical about reviewing pieces of new authors, specially when they don't seem to answer to their fan's posts. Regardless I will try my luck on this piece.

I am not sure how to classify this. I can only say that I find some similarities to the music created by companies like E.S Posthumus and X-Ray Dog, which are my favourite, thus explaining why I like this piece so much.

Guitars, Bass, Violins, Drums and Choir is quite perfect. Let's review this.
You start with a solo vocal with chords, which is very melodic and peaceful, but not metallic at all. You then add drums and in 0:36 you add a guitar solo that grows better and better as the vocals slowly leave the scene. This is without any question one of the best transition I've heard in my life. You mix two completely different styles of music and then you just transform it into something awesome. After the guitar you add a bass, that really shines after the 1:00 mark - an excellent job, I was starting to miss bass music these days, I am happy there are still people who have the skill to make it shine again. Then from 1:15 to 1:25 you add harsh transition melody, only to bring back the guitar and vocals duel that was used in the beginning (new theme mark= TH1). At 1:50 you add a whole new melody, stronger and harder adding a new dynamism to chords and guitar that adds a new level (TH2). TH2 then changes into choir with violins. In this section, I would like to hear more the voices of the choir, but they are still pretty awesome. Then at 2:35 you return with the duality guitar + vocals, in which I would also love to hear a stronger vocal. After that, it's the bass theme again and another transition just like between TH1 and TH2. (I should have name it TH1.5, but I was too lazy xD ). The melody goes on with so many things and details that simply can't describe them all in this little space that I have to comment.
A real surprise however, is at the mark 4:00. You add some sort of techno instrument? This is completely new and fresh, technically this shouldn't fit the overall melody and instrument setup, but somehow you made it work wonderfully (again!). You then proceed to another bass theme, a variant of TH1.5.
After that, we enter the final segment of the music that is ended with a strong vocal.

I am "wordless". I tried to find flaws in your design, but every transition seems to be made with a lot of thought. You keep adding new themes and going back to old themes without making your song repetitive at all (Hell, until today I had no idea this was even possible lol).
To be honest, my suggestions are quite forced. I forced myself to find errors only to find nothing. The only thing that hits my head is "louder vocals" but to be honest your vocals are perfectly fine the way they are.

I just don't know what to say. You evolved a a lot from Scion and IMO this is without any question one of your best pieces (if not the best). If this ever hits bandCamp with FLAC quality, I will most likely buy it (depending on the price xD).

It's because of people like you that I keep visiting this community. Do you have any youtube channel or something similar? I would love to subscribe.

If you keep making pieces like this I am quite sure you will eventually reach the big guys, like Lashmush, XenoGenocide or even ArtificialFear. I mean, this piece even places you above Evil-Dog (punk / Heavy metal style) in my list and he is quite famous for his work around here.
I keep thinking on suggestions or even similar artists, but I just can't find anyone for you around here - you are unique with this style of music.
All I can think is that you could check out people like TheJonnyDeath or bipularmunkey and BerseKyd but your style is a lot more epic than theirs, it's just different. Somehow all my metal references are rendered useless and I just can't suggest anyone better than you that shares this style of epic/metal music.

This said, the score:
Multiple styles blended perfectly into a metal piece. I wish there could be more like it around here. Downloaded.

lhceist41 responds:

Wow. I have no words.
First, it is my duty to thank you 1000 times!
I have never expected a review like this.
And if i look at your other reviews: I feel so honored of you.
This Song took me so much time and it was quite hard to find a solution for making the Song not sounding different over all the transitions.
It was important to me that one still recognize the core of this Song.
Man, sometimes it was just a torture.

At the moment i have no YouTube Channel or something like that.
Maybe i'll set it up soon. We'll see.

And man. Thank you! Could not say it often enough.
You really helped me.
This review really make me looking forward to my future here on NG.
I'm already on a new Song which will be released in a few Days!!

Stay tuned!

PS.: If you have any suggestions/feedback/critisism for my other songs, please contact me via PM or write another review. :P


Gotta say you top me on all aspects lol I freaking love your tone (so much brighter than mine) 5/5 10/10 bro. Fantastic musician you are lol

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Oct 20, 2011
2:33 PM EDT
Heavy Metal
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