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Halloween Town (Sonik)

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Author Comments

After 15 long days of banging my head against my computer screen I've finally finished my submission for Halloween2011 and for the October NAC.

So now I proudly present my newest progressive-house original, Halloween Town!
Thanks so much for listening!

~Dj Sonik (xsakux)

http://www.facebook.com/T hedjsonik

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Unlike a few people, I don't mind the intro at all. It fits quite well in such a song. My only complaint is that a few more interesting chords could have been made use of in terms of the bass, such as some deep minors and drops. Other than that, it's quite original - better than a lot of what I hear on the radio, certainly, and the use of effects is tasteful, if not amusingly retro and cheesy.

I love it!

NAC Judge

Halloween Town (Sonik)
Dj Sonik (XsakuX)
The intro took a tad too long to establish the rest of the song. And even when I thought the intro was over, it simply introduced a more repetitive aspect of the song similar to the intro. The organ melody was creepy, but the ultra low quality organ used was distracting from how cool it COULD have been. I like the weather effects used, I feel like I am out in the creepy cold of Halloween night. The melody in the middle of the song is neat, but like I said, it has taken too much of the same repetitive phrases to get here, so I'm kind of bored at this point. Then it is basically one super long outtro from the middle of the song to the end. Different melodies and different instrumentation in each phrase would have added some more depth to this song. 6.5

Creative and has an awesome Halloween sound

This is some really cool stuff man. This song makes it crystal clear that you've been making House for a long while. I'm hearing plenty of very fitting synths, effects and a solid progressive structure that's always so important in songs that fall under this genre. Not only that but the mixing is awesome too, and I'm hearing a very significant and creative Halloween influence. Nice work!

Right then, I'll start with the stuff I like about the track. First and foremost, I like the creativity. You went and took generic Halloween influences (like the manic laughter, thunder, creepy organ sound at 1:57, etc...) and blended them together with generic House elements like the typical House structure/transitions, etc... to actually make something original and unique. It works out very well!

The sounds and effects you used were brilliant, as I already mentioned. The scary Halloween sound effects are admittedly very cheesy, but they certainly helped add to the Halloween influence and despite being cheesy, when combined with a House beat they sound pretty unique and awesome.

The other effects you put on the sounds were all great. The filter automation you did on some of the sounds was pretty sweet, and the EQing was good. I love the bass sound you introduce around halfway into the track. I didn't expect it but when it came in it surprisingly sounded really cool along with the Halloween organ thing and the subtle, sidechained background synth. Perhaps the percussion was a bit too dry but maybe that was intentional and it's not much of a big problem anyhow.

Now for the stuff I didn't like about the submission. To begin with I think you could've been a bit more creative with the composition. I know House isn't supposed to focus much on melodies, but in all honesty the melodies were kinda dull. You seemed to focus more on the effects and atmosphere and just added the melody at, say, 1:57, as something extra without much thought put into it. I won't really make this complaint affect the score much because after all, progressive House never really was that melodic, but some more interesting melodies would certainly be welcomed I think.

Secondly, some of the transitions are a little anticlimatic or abrupt. For instance, the transition at 1:57 felt pretty abrupt. Instead of smoothly moving from one section to another, one section just stopped and the other started without any form of a smooth transition.

Moreover, the buildup at 2:56 feels a bit anticlimatic to me. I heard an awesome well-executed buildup and expected some mind-blowing part, and then all I got was the song dying down at the very end and then the introduction of the bass without as much of an effect as it potentially could have had. This might be just me because somehow I've always found House transitions to be a bit anticlimatic, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

I'm certainly not much of a fan of House but that didn't stop me from realising how creative this is. Sure, I've got some problems with it but overall I'm impressed and I think this has a pretty great chance of doing well in both competitions. Keep it up, man :3.

-Review Request Club-

Same but cooler

Well I noticed with this one you changed how the drums sound a bit and I like how you added a kick around 3:00 to give it an extra awesome raving feel to it. The claps being added to the drums was a great touch. Loved the echo on them as well.

The synths still sound the same for the most part to me. I liked the door opening near the start to. Gives a feel of someone getting ready to arrive at a party and just have fun with friends and strangers alike. Very pleasing there. The organ solo is still rather awesome with the storm going on in the background to give a great atmospheric feel to the song. I also hear some voices a bit too I think. Crafty.

Then it goes back up into a fully amazing piece of work.

Overall, incredibly awesome Halloween piece. That creepy yet awesome laugh leading to the rave was great.

Review Request Club

Nice improvement.

I think I spelled that wrong.

Anyways, I think you did a great job fixing this up to fit what you were going for better.

I still love that part that kicks in at 3:00 after the "Break" and the laughing sound effect was a great addition to that part.

The rain sound effect was cool and really helpedd the atmosphere of the song, but was a tad bit too loud. Still cool though.was

The wavy sound (I can't remember for the life of me what it's called though. Modulation or something)added to the notes at 1:58 really helps that part fit the feel.

Overall, great work and I look forward to more from you.

<Review Request Club>

Credits & Info


4.54 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2011
2:52 AM EDT
File Info
12.4 MB
5 min 26 sec

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Please contact me if you would like to use this in a project. We can discuss the details.