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Tokalan Nightfall (RPG)

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EDIT: I've extended this! AND I've just added vocal at about 1:16 to replace the cello. Woo hoo!
EDIT AGAIN! I've made the vocal louder and perhaps more ethereal sounding. :)

This is just a short little piece that I threw together today. Basically, I just made it to test out all of the free soundfonts that I have but never use. Also to prove that I don't have to constantly use East West stuff to make something that sounds somewhat decent. Not that I can use it anyway since my computer died and I'm using someone else's, lol. I was kind of inspired by RPG games that I play when I made this. Anyway....sorry it's short, but so is most of my stuff, because I am lazy, lol. ;) See ya around dudes!

PS: I wrote the very short lyrics to this song in Tokalian, just like with my other stuff. Tokalian is a language I made up a while back, and have been using for all of my songs. :)
Peaceful night
Rest well
In the light of the moon

Oirla Makh
Ichie Lehais
Fhes Parhaesie

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This piece fills me with wonder, illustrating to me vast panoramas and spectacles in an atmosphere and environment so alien yet so familiar.
Like something ancient being discovered for the first time by a youth exploring in the wilderness.

I very much appreciate that you know how to use your voice. I mean that in this way: not only do you have a wonderful singing voice (classically trained, I am assuming) but you use it's strengths to sing in the appropriate style and in an appropriate genre.

My I am rambling.
I have been up all night.

Anyway, I love this work, and I'm glad to have stumbled upon you and your various works here. It actually feels rather similar to the feelings and images that I get from this amazing musical piece of yours, actually... I think there might something to that.

Jessismith responds:

This is a beautiful comment. Thank you for sharing it. :)


Wow, I am taking a look at all of your music and you are so talented! Consider me a new fan! ^v^ This piece is very lovely. The melody is enchanting and relaxing. It seizes you and plants wonderful imagery in your mind. You created your own language?! That is so amazing! It sounds wonderful. The only thing I would change in this piece is the vocals. I would personally put a few more vocals into this piece because your voice is so beautiful! But that's just me... :) Beautiful song!

Jessismith responds:

Well, I'm speechless! Thank you! Really? I'm so happy to hear that, because it was exactly what I was going for. :) I did create a language....mainly for use in my stories and comics, but I didn't want it to go to waste, so I use it in most of my songs too. Aww. More vocals? You really think so? Well, I might add more vocal to it later on. Initially, this was sort of intended for game background music, so I figured I'd keep the vocals at a minimum. But thank you, really. That really means a lot to me. Thanks for taking the time to look at my songs and leave a comment. It warms my heart. I'll have to go and look at your songs now. :D


Hey Steff well I must say last month was a very busy time for me. It is the reason for my long absence, but this was a delightful tune to come back too. It has all the nice elements to make an enchanting and hauntingly beautiful melody. Your vocal bits are so lovely and the instument you hear all through the piece realy ties it all together. Well done Steff. It is great to see you are still doing what you love :D

Jessismith responds:

Hey, I've had a few months like that too, so it's alright. Thanks buddy. That means a lot. I'm glad to still be able to do what I love....at least to some extent, hehe. :)


Sounds like some great movie soundtrack :)

Jessismith responds:

Ooh, really? :D Thankies G!


soothing. my gosh i love your voice very graceful and elegant. great job

Jessismith responds:

Thanks buddy. :)

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